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Matt Sanchez

Matt Sanchez
Internship Role
Catholic Charities Immigration and Naturalization Services Intern

As the Immigration and Naturalization Services intern at Catholic Charities, a lot of the work that I do is consulting with clients and their families. Catholic Charities serves individuals who predominantly come from working class communities, are victims of crime, and fear deportation. Specifically, I advise my clients about the legal aspects and implications regarding their naturalization and residency processes because many times these clients have no understanding of the US immigration system and its policies. With that being said, in many respects I serve as a guide to my clients ensuring – to my best abilities – that they can attain naturalization, and hopefully citizenship. Throughout their processes, I also assist them in editing their personal statements which the US legal system will consider when making a decision regarding their residency status. In all, these processes can last a long amount of time for some of our clients causing some frustration among everyone, but it’s important to keep in mind the life-changing support we are offering them and their families – their happiness in the end is the best reward.