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Rachel Lubischer

Rachel Lubischer
Social Work
Internship Position
Pre- and Post-Hospitalization Social Work Intern at Evanston Township High School

Every job, whether an entry position or an executive role, would allow me to develop professionally, but only opportunities like this internship grants me the privilege to develop as a professional. This internship allows me to direct any and all freshly learned skills and knowledge from my education at Loyola towards a positive change in my community. 

As fruitful as my education has been, it has been bounded by curricula and theory. Growth implies reaching for unexplored spaces, and that’s exactly what this internship offers; it is the door between the classroom and the real world—the gateway between learning the application and applying the learned. I am ready to stretch for those things that have not and cannot be taught in the classroom, and turn my social work major into a career.

Above all, I look forward to the proximity to those who I am serving. I want to know the names, learn the stories, and understand the realities of those whose lives are different from mine, while at the same time, use my education to help them shape the path towards the fruition of their potential. I want to see these people enjoy a greater array of opportunities that can lead to dreams come true and lives of wholesome purpose—that’s the reality I hope to help cultivate.

I know I will face the harsh situations that some people are living under, some which may take an emotional toll on me. This could lead to the dreaded “burn out” feeling of a social worker, but I want to learn to be resilient and do my job to the best of my abilities despite of how I am feeling.  

Do not be afraid to ask for help, either from faculty, staff, or fellow students. You would be surprised by the types of connections people have, but that’s the key—she who never asks, never knows!