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Evan Peterson

Evan Peterson
Class of 2015
Human Services

I’m currently working as a Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP) at Misericordia. QIDP is a state certification that more or less means I’m a case manager for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities. I do a variety of things, from filling out state-mandated paperwork to putting up holiday decorations to taking residents shopping. You could say I’m the Swiss Army knife for the building where I work. I think my internship at Access Living, which I did for class credit, was the most beneficial “class.” Access Living is a center for independent living, and I interned specifically in the disability resources department. That internship really solidified my belief that people with disabilities should be treated not as people in need but rather as autonomous agents capable of making decisions for themselves. That is what my job is all about: providing supports so that the residents at Misericordia can live fulfilling lives like everyone else.

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