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Evan Peterson

Evan Peterson
Human Services

I am currently interning at Crisp! Mobile Grocery, a business owned by Catholic Charities. Crisp! is a social enterprise, meaning that it uses a for-profit model to address a social issue: this enterprise specifically was founded in order to combat malnutrition in Chicago’s “food desert” neighborhoods, communities in which healthy produce is not readily available. Because grocery stores are often miles away from these areas, Crisp! brings affordable groceries to customers’ doors. As an intern with Crisp!, I hope to understand the inner-workings of a social enterprise in order to judge the effectiveness of this social service model. I also aim to improve my marketing skills, and I am doing so first-hand by spearheading our new marketing campaign. Finally, I hope to meet some of our clientele so that I can understand their needs, how Crisp! is meeting those needs, and how Crisp! can meet any other needs they may have.