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Michael Cortright

Michael Cortright
Early Childhood Special Education

My experience with Jumpstart helped me to better understand the issues plaguing the Rogers Park/Edgewater community. Before this experience, I never thought about the people who live in this community outside of the Loyola population. Jumpstart helped me realize that there are people out there who deserve the opportunities I have been given, but are unable to obtain them for whatever reason. I began to understand the importance of helping these people, especially from a very young age. Much of what shapes a person is taught from a young age and if I am able to make a positive impact on the lives of young children, I can be a part of the movement towards giving everyone equal opportunities to a better life regardless of what situation they are born into. Because of this experience, I found out that I want to spend my life working with younger generations so that I can be a part of this important movement for bettering education for low income neighborhoods to then better the lives of everyone who deserves it.