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Karly Free

Karly Free

Through my engaged learning experience at WGN Radio 720AM, I have shown a commitment to learning, justice, and faith. Before my internship I did not have any experience in a newsroom. The only knowledge I had about a newsroom was what I had been taught in class or seen on TV. In my School of Communication classes I was taught that each newsroom operates differently. Through my internship I not only learned how their newsroom operates but at the same time improved my writing, reporting, and editing skills. In addition, through my internship, my values of social justice have been strengthened. Ethically reporting stories has remained a central importance during my internship. As a reporter there are times you receive information from a single source. However, it is important to fact-check sources and confirm information before it is broadcasted. As an aspiring journalist I have learned your credibility in reporting news means everything when gaining an audience.

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