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Gayle Blakely

Gayle Blakely

"My experiences have contributed to my plans toward graduate school in clinical psychology, continued trauma research, a professional career as an educator of psychology, a professional career as a clinician, additional publications (both peer-reviewed, news articles, and books) on trauma, and my future career as a clinical psychologist. My work with Dr. Ira Sommers in the Criminal Justice Department of Loyola has allowed me to garner research experience and build upon research skills, including SPSS, multivariate analyses, and preparing a manuscript for peer-reviewed publication. As my first McNair Mentor, Dr. Ira Sommers work with McNair faculty to ensure that I develop professionally, which includes poster presentation experience at various symposiums, learning how to apply to graduate programs, learning how to select programs that would be a good fit for my career goals, learning how to draft a curriculum vitae, and learning how to write a personal statement."

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