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Amanda Enders

Amanda Enders

"My experience at Swift Elementary [as a volunteer] has been an invaluable part of my education and I am able to use what I learned here in all other areas of my life. Last semester, my fellow Introduction to Social Work classmates and I were able to be a part of the first class to be linked with local Chicago Public Schools. I was given the opportunity to start an after school program at Swift. Through this experience I got to connect with faculty at Swift, and gained confidence and leadership skills, while creating a program from scratch which gave me insight into possible career options. From working at Swift with the students there, as well as through support from my professor Dr. Sokolec and Jon from the Center [of Experiential Learning], I was able to cement my career choice in working in a school setting. I was also given the opportunity this semester to work with the next Loyola class to start an after school program at Swift in an independent study class that has only affirmed what last semester taught me. I encourage everyone to take their service learning seriously, because it really changed my whole career path for the better."