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Samantha Steinmetz

Samantha Steinmetz

"I am very passionate about psychology and am aware of the physical and emotional repercussions that can arise in individuals living in environments that are damaging to their health and well-being. LIFT Chicago is an organization that strives to eradicate poverty and create positive opportunities for underserved members of society. I have learned through my education that failure to provide individuals—especially children—with basic necessities will have lasting impacts on their abilities to thrive in society. The effects of poverty can adversely impact one’s entire life and limit what one will be capable of achieving during his or her lifetime. Volunteering [as an intern] at LIFT allowed me to work with individuals who face difficult circumstances, many of which are causative of structural injustices out of one’s control. At LIFT, I will be responsible for accessing the needs of individuals in my community who are in need of social services, and subsequently pairing them with community services that are best able to meet their needs. [...] As an individual privileged with an education, I feel obligated to help others obtain the freedom I have been endowed with."