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Jori Rappaport

Jori Rappaport

"For the past year and a half, I have been working as an undergraduate research assistant in the Activity Matters Research Lab with Dr. Amy Bohnert. This past summer I received a Provost Fellowship to conduct an independent research project. [...] My experience this summer, especially the on-site data collection, provided me an in-depth opportunity to work one-on-one with adolescents as well as with community-based organizations in an underserved urban population. This experience reaffirmed that adolescents should not be viewed only by their socioeconomic status, ethnicity, religion, disability, or hardships. Working in this environment helped me to determine that underserved adolescents are a population I want to work with as a social worker in the future. Notably, being involved in undergraduate research has instilled in me the importance of collaboration and the influence research has on a community level, in the psychology field, and on a greater global scale. To further share my research, this summer I applied to present at the Society for Research on Child Development in March 2015. While being involved in research over the past couple years, I recognized I want to pursue a career as a school social worker. In social work I can use my knowledge and skills to best serve others."