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Naveen Kanji

Naveen Kanji

"As a student interested in medicine, my work with the 19th century Loyola Dumpsite has shown me how circumstances in our lives do not have unilineal cause and effect relationships. All aspects of life are interconnected in a web of sorts and as a doctor, it would be ideal for me to take into consideration how even just one facet of life can have far-reaching effects. Dr. Amick has also personified for me the idea that past material culture can reconstruct the life of people we would never imagine knowing. A few pieces of broken dishes can inform us of socio-economic status, globalization, and consumer habits. His passion for archaeology and knowledge in general inspires me to inquire about everything that sparks my interest. I'll never know when learning one thing may come in handy somewhere else. This [Undergraduate Research] experience has without fail has improved my critical thinking skills and ways of applying knowledge to new situations."