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Cassandra Osei

Cassandra Osei
Global and International Studies/Political Science

"My research experience [as a Provost Fellow] ensured that healthcare research is my passion. I was able to honed my skills as a public health researcher and learned to read and use literature relative to my discipline effectively. The research was initially supposed to use participant responses from interviews and surveys. Securing participants from organizations of interest was difficult because of the fear confidentiality would be broken with clients from those organizations. As a result, I learned about rejection but was able to conduct my research around the review of secondary sources in order to strengthen the foundation of my research. As the project progresses however, I will take the time to either make connections with other organizations in order to secure participants for my research or reach out to extended networks. I hope to continue this project beyond my undergraduate career because it is something I am passionate about. The research looks at aspects of race, migration and health and I hope for this project to be the stepping-stone of graduate research, and later development of new healthcare policy."

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