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Pedro Regalado

Pedro Regalado
History, '13

The internship I undertook this summer working as a research assistant with Dr. Nickerson was fantastic in a few different ways. As a history major, the majority of my work is done through reading and writing about events and people throughout the course of history. What made this internship interesting and exciting was the fact that I could blend my passion for reading and writing about the past with actual field research that made it seem all the more tangible. I have had several internships throughout my educational career but this was the best one yet because it truly showed me that researching is where I would like to take my passion for history. It helped to steer my post-graduate ambitions toward graduate programs in history with an ultimate goal of writing and publishing based on whatever historical research I choose to embark on in the future. By fine tuning the research skills developed this summer such as synthesizing archival data (which included census tracts and newspaper microfilm), interviewing, and objectively analyzing city data, I feel that I am better prepared for a professional career in teaching and writing history. This semester, I am applying to various history PhD programs throughout the country with a particular focus on urban history.