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The University Information Security Office (UISO) uses Identity Finder, a sensitive data managing solution, to scan for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) every six months. Each department nominates an individual to serve as a Data Steward. The Data Steward serves as the departmental contact for communication from the UISO and is responsible for managing the computers in their respective departments. Training is required for new Data Stewards and when there are major changes to the program.  Click here for a current list of Data Stewards.

In 2013, the UISO upgraded the Identity Finder application to allow scan scheduling. This reduces the amount of work required by each Data Steward and allows centralized management for the UISO. If a computer has the University standard image, Identity Finder is already installed and configured. However, if the computer was not imaged by ITS, the Identity Finder application may not be installed on the machine.

If you have any questions about the Identity Finder application or the PII program, please contact DataSecurity@luc.edu.


The following sections cover various topics related to Identity Finder. Please click the title to see details.


The Loyola Image Software on your machine should already have the Identity Finder program installed. If it is missing from your machine, this page provides the required links to get the right files for your machine.


This section includes an explanation of how and when Identity Finder will help you secure your personal information on your machine and how to run a manual scan at your own convenience.

PII Remediation

This section explain the main process that involves the user in Identity Finder. There are a number of ways to pull up the Results of the scan, all of which are explained here.


Frequently asked questions and issues found with the Identity Finder Software.