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Graduation Information - Checklist

All Students - Degrees, Diplomas, and Names

Your degree. Upon successful completion of a student’s course of study the student is awarded a degree. The degree awarded by Loyola University Chicago indicates that the student has met the rigorous requirements of the program of study in which he or she was enrolled.

Your Diploma. Loyola University Chicago presents a diploma to a student who has earned a degree. The diploma is a public ceremonial symbol of the successful completion of the student’s course of study and an indication that a degree has been awarded. A diploma is not a degree.

Your Name. Because third parties, such as degree verification services, employers, and the international community, etc., often use the name as it appears on the diploma as the basis for verification of education, it is very important that the name a student uses on his or her diploma accurately reflects (ideally be the same as) the student’s Primary Name recorded in the student information system (LOCUS).

In keeping with best practices within American higher education, the student’s full Primary Name, as recorded in LOCUS, will be used on the diploma and all other official records printed on behalf of the student.

  1. As students prepare for graduation they should carefully check how their name(s) appears in LOCUS. This is a student’s last best opportunity to make certain that their name(s), Primary and Diploma, are spelled correctly and have been correctly recorded in LOCUS. Students should open their Student Center page in LOCUS and under Personal Information, click on Names. Following the rules below you may correct your Primary Name by doing so in the Diploma Name Field (click on the Add a New Name button).

Significant changes to the student’s Name will be made only in response to a formal written request which includes the submission of a signed Name Change Form accompanied by legal documentation showing the student’s requested Name, e.g., driver’s license, passport, court order, letter of safe passage, marriage license. The Name Change request must be submitted to the Office of Registration and Records.

Where a student wishes a variant of his or her Primary Name to be printed on the diploma, this name should be entered in the Diploma Name field in LOCUS, subject to the following rules:


Preparing for Graduation

First read the following 6 steps, in their entirety. Then complete these steps by initiating the Apply for Graduation process in LOCUS. If you receive assistance with this process, you remain responsible for the accuracy of the information entered.


1. Enter your expected graduation term and verify your Major(s) and Minor(s).

Is your Major and/ or Minor correctly identified? If not, please go to your College or School office to complete the Change of Major or Minor form. If your expected graduation term does not appear in LOCUS, please go to your College's or School's Dean's office.

Is your Graduation Term correct? If not or it changes, contact your College's or School's Dean's office as soon as possible to insure that this change is reflected in LOCUS.

2. To where do we send your diploma? Verify your Permanent Address and your Diploma Address as recorded in LOCUS.

To where do you want your diploma mailed? Your diploma will be mailed to your Permanent Address unless you provide a specific Diploma Address. If your Diploma Address differs from your Permanent Address be sure to correct your Diploma Address using LOCUS.

If you are not specifying a separate Diploma Address, make certain that your Permanent Address is correct. Incorrect address information will significantly delay or prevent the delivery of your diploma.

Will you still be at the address you provided for at least 6 weeks or more after graduation?

3. Have you verified your Primary and Diploma Name. The name that will appear on your diploma will be your Primary Name as it appears in LOCUS at the time you apply for graduation. If you wish to have a variant form of your Primary Name used on your diploma, please follow the rules above, enter it in the Diploma Name field in LOCUS, and be prepared to provide legal official identification showing the use of your diploma name. Re-read the name change rules printed above.

4. Do you have any holds on you Loyola University Chicago account? Check LOCUS for any Holds that would delay or prevent the release of your diploma.

5. Have you earned more than one Degree? Each degree requires a separate graduation application.

6. Are all credits accounted for? In preparation for the Final Degree Audit, go to LOCUS to verify that all transfer credits have been posted to your academic record.

Graduate Students

If applicable, Graduate Students are asked to enter the following information in the Apply for Graduation process in LOCUS:

1. Prior Education

2. Thesis/Dissertation Title

3. Director

Graduation Application Deadlines

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

Quinlan School of Business Students

Law School Students


Verification and Ordering Process

Graduating students should anticipate receiving their diplomas within 14 days of the Deans post the individual students' degrees. (Student should use LOCUS to verify delivery information - See below, Delivery Information.

Availability Diplomas

Diplomas, as a general rule, will be mailed or available for pickup, within 14 business days of the date the degree is posted but no later than:

Diploma Distribution

Diploma Distribution. Loyola University Chicago has introduced a new procedure for ordering and delivering diplomas. Diplomas will be ordered on a weekly basis, based on date on which the Deans' Offices confer the individual degrees. This means that students will receive their diploma(s) within approximately 14 business days of conferred. All questions regarding diplomas should be addressed to diploma@luc.edu

Diploma Mailing. Diplomas are mailed to either the student's Permanent Mailing Address or their Diploma Mailing Address, as recorded in LOCUS. Students are requested to verify the accuracy of their address information and to make the necessary correction(s) in LOCUS.

Diploma Pick-Up. Using LOCUS, students wishing to pick up their diplomas in the Office of Registration and Records should use the Diploma Mailing Address fields and enter: PKUP-Office of Registration and Records, 810 North Michigan Avenue, Ste 510, Chicago, IL 60611. Please notify the Office that you have done so by sending an email to diploma@luc.edu. Don’t wait. As soon as you know that you that you will be picking up your diploma enter this address information. Students will need to present their LUC photo identifications (or other government issued photo identifications). 

Diploma Mailing Notification. Students are notified by e-mail when their diplomas are placed in the mail. If you are picking up you diploma please allow 5 days for delivery to the Office and call (312-915-7221) ahead to verify that your diploma has arrived and is available for pickup. If the Office of Registration and Records does not receive the pickup request before the diploma has been ordered, the student’s Permanent Address will be used for delivery.



Diploma Replacement

Return of mailed diploma. Should a diploma be returned to the Office of Registration and Records due to an undeliverable address, the graduate will be notified by email, using their luc.edu email address, or the email provided on the special order form. Returned diplomas are held for five years and will be re-mailed at no cost to the graduate, once a corrected mailing address is received. Once destroyed, a $45.00 replacement fee will be assessed. 

Recent graduates and those placing special orders are asked to notify the Office of Registration and Records if delivery has not been received within one year. After one year, a $45.00 replacement fee will be assessed.

Diploma Replacement. Diplomas damaged in shipment will be replaced at no cost to the recipient. The damaged diploma must be first returned to the Office of Registration and Records.

Duplicate diplomas may be ordered by using the Diploma Replacement order form. The fee is $45.00 for the first and $25.00 for each additional diploma. Duplicate diplomas will carry, in small lettering, the text, “Duplicate” in the lower right corner of the document.

All questions regarding diploma orders should be addressed to diploma@luc.edu.


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