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Internship Credit

Academic Internship Program

The Quinlan School of Business offers an Academic Internship Program for students who wish to receive academic credit for approved internships. The National Association for Colleges and Employers issued a position statement on internships and believes that legitimate internships consist of the following criteria: 

Participation in an internship course for academic credit is beneficial to students for several reasons, including:


BSAD 220 is a two-credit career preparation class that provides an introduction to the critical skills required for successful career planning and job searching. Students will complete self-assessment activities and learn about workplace issues, job searching, cover letter and resume writing, and interviewing. Topics addressed will also include professional correspondence and communication, personal branding, networking, and career development resources.

BSAD 300 is a variable-credit internship course for elective credit, which is graded pass/no pass. Students must be working in an internship during the same academic term as the course enrollment. Contact Gregory Costanzo to obtain permission for enrollment. Prerequisite: sophomore standing.

Variable credit is based on the following minimum work hours:

BSAD 351 is a three-credit business internship course that fulfills the core engaged learning requirement. Topics addressed include developmental stages of an internship experience, business ethics, interpersonal and organizational dynamics, leadership development theory and practice, and Jesuit values in the workplace. Students must be working in an internship during the same academic term as the course enrollment.

Course Learning Objectives:

The internship experience should be primarily related to one or more core business functions. Most of these experiences have been related to one or more of the 11 majors offered by the Quinlan School of Business. For internships that are not primarily related to business majors, students may take UNIV 390. Students will receive three credit hours and a letter grade for an internship performed concurrently with course enrollment. Prerequisites: complete BSAD 220 with a C- or better and junior or senior standing in the Quinlan School of Business.

UNIV 390 through the Center for Experiential Learning

The Center for Experiential Learning offers internship credit outside of the Quinlan School of Business. UNIV 390 is an internship seminar course offered during the fall, spring, and summer terms. For more information, visit: http://www.luc.edu/experiential/internships.shtml. Students must be working in an internship during the same academic term as the course enrollment. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I take the internship class in the fall after my summer internship?

A: No. The internship must take place during the same term that you are enrolled in the internship course. 

Q: What are the requirements for the BSAD 351 internship class?

A: Students must:

Interns may work for their family’s business, but may not be supervised by a parent, grandparent, sibling, or other close relative. 

Some internship experiences do not conform specifically to the Loyola University Chicago academic calendar; contact Greg Costanzo (gcostanzo@luc.edu) if you have questions about your situation and the hours requirement.

Q: I’m not sure if my job counts as an internship. What should I do?

A: Submit a position description or summary to Greg Costanzo (gcostanzo@luc.edu) and request approval to count the job as an internship. 

Q: My internship site is in my home state, which is outside of the Chicago area. Can I take an internship course through the Quinlan School of Business?

A: The Quinlan School of Business offers online sections of BSAD 351 which allow students to participate in internship opportunities outside of Chicago and complete all course requirements remotely.

Q: I haven’t taken BSAD 220, but I have secured an internship. What should I do?

A: If you are a business major, you must take BSAD 220 before you can take BSAD 351. However, UNIV 390 may be an option for you to receive internship credit.

Q: My internship is for one year instead of one semester. Can I get additional internship credit for this?

A: Quinlan School of Business students are limited to six hours of internship credit toward graduation requirements. This can be earned through combinations of BSAD 300, BSAD 351, and UNIV 390 classes. However, please note that BSAD 351 is not repeatable and BSAD 300 is repeatable up to three credit hours (since it is a variable credit course, 1-3 credits per class enrollment).   

Q: It’s registration time, and I don’t have an internship yet, but I believe that I will by the time the semester begins. What should I do?

A: BSAD 351 is reserved for juniors or seniors in any major within the Quinlan School of Business. A student who is interested in enrolling must already have an internship or be prepared to start an internship by the start of the term for which he/she registers. Students will not be able to pass BSAD 351 without an internship.

Q: I’m an international student and would like to do an internship in Chicago. What should I do?

A: International students should consult with the Office of International Programs regarding internship eligibility before enrolling in an internship course.

Q: How do I find an internship? Will you assign me to a site?

A: Students requiring assistance with an internship search should contact Business Career Services and meet with a career advisor. Additionally, RamblerLink is a great internship search resource available only to Quinlan School of Business students at Loyola.

Q: My internship site requires that I show proof of academic credit before I can be formally hired. They also want the university to sign a hold harmless agreement. 

A: Loyola University Chicago will not sign any agreement/verification holding the University responsible for an intern's actions (hold harmless agreement). We would be glad to provide a letter verifying that a student is enrolled in an internship class. Letters can be requested by filling out a request for letter form and dropping it off in Maguire Hall 220 or by faxing it to 312.915.7207.   

Questions regarding the internship courses should be sent to QuinlanUBUS@LUC.edu.