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CEL UNIV Courses

‌Throughout the academic year, staff from the Center for Experiential Learning teach or support a number of interdisciplinary courses that engage Loyola students in experiential learning opportunities that take them beyond the traditional classroom.  All of these courses are open to students from all the university's schools and colleges; all of them fulfill the University's "Engaged Learning" Requirement.

Detailed information on the various CEL courses and their instructors can be found in LOCUS, or by clicking on the course-specific links below:

UNIV 190:  Understanding Service and Justice

This 3-credit course, which varies in specific topic from section to section, is offered to students in Loyola’s various first-year Learning Communities, either during the fall or spring term depending on the specific Learning Community's schedule.  Students work a minimum of 25 hours over the semester in direct service to a non-profit organization, approved by the Center for Experiential Learning, while reflecting on their service experience in light of the framing discipline(s) of their Learning Community.  Enrollment in the various UNIV 190 sections is limited to students in the Learning Communities program.  For more information on the Learning Communities program, visit www.luc.edu/learningcommunity.

UNIV 290: Seminar in Community-Based Service and Leadership

This 3-credit seminar course, primarily intended for sophomore-level students or above, explores the theory and practice of community-based service and leadership through service-learning.  As a seminar, students prepare, reflect upon, and discuss texts that explore themes of civic engagement, community development, social justice, leadership, and service for the common good.  Students' in-class experiences are enriched by and inform their reflections on a 40-50 hour volunteer service placement at a non-profit organization of their choosing, approved by the Center for Experiential Learning; blogs and the final community education and advocacy ePortfolios, completed as part of the class, are publicly available so as to educate and enrich the broader university community with students' insights and stories. 

UNIV 290 requires permission of the instructor and is offered in the Fall, Spring, and Summer (ONLINE section, session C) terms.  For more information, visit the class' electronic portfolio!

UNIV 291: Seminar in Community-Based Research & Leadership

This 3-credit seminar course, which is offered to students in Loyola’s upperclass Urban Issues Learning Community, focuses on urban community-based research through service-learning. As a service-learning course, students will work a minimum of 40 hours over the semester through direct service and community-based research projects at a community organization. Students will reflect on their service and community-based research experience in the context of asset mapping, organizational action research, civic engagement, social justice, leadership in the community, and research as service for the common good. Enrollment in UNIV 291 is limited to students in the Learning Communities program.  For more information on the Learning Communities program, visit www.luc.edu/learningcommunities.

UNIV 292:  Culture and Politics of International Development

This 3-credit course, which is available in various forms to students in Loyola’s international satellite programs, allows students to explore the concept of international development and its impact on average citizens of their host countries through a service-placement in the local community or an unpaid internship with a local business.  Enrollment in UNIV 292 is currently limited to students in Loyola’s Study Abroad programs in Peru and Vietnam.  For more information on the Study Abroad program, visit www.luc.edu/studyabroad.

Left:  UNIV 292 students at a community water treatment project in Palo Alto, near Lima, Peru.

UNIV 390:  Internship Seminar in Organizational & Community Leadership

This 3-credit seminar course focuses on organizational leadership through an internship or advanced student employment experience. Students work a minimum of 100 hours over the semester at their organization, while reflecting on their work experience in the context of organizational leadership, civic engagement, community development, and leadership in the community.  Students with an internship on or off-campus as well as Student Employees working on-campus in a Federal Work-Study or non-Federal Work-Study position as well students employed in the Community-based Federal Work-Study program may be eligible to enroll in UNIV 390.  Enrollment in UNIV 390 requires permission of the instructor.

UNIV 391: Internship Seminar in Undergraduate Research

This internship seminar course offers undergraduates the opportunity to engage in research while building their foundation of research methods and identifying and applying the real-world implications of their research. Students may be part of the Loyola Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program or may be working independently with a faculty mentor. As an experiential learning course, students must be engaging in research with a mentor concurrently to taking this course (5-10 hours/week) and must have the mentor and project identified prior to enrolling. Students will reflect on the research experience in the context of understanding research paradigms, application of research methodologies, understanding the implications of ethical research, and preparing to present research professionally. Enrollment in UNIV 391 requires permission of the instructor.

UNIV 393: Seminar in Integrative Leadership

This 3-credit seminar course focuses on integrative leadership through student engagement in co-curricular leadership opportunities/field work, similar to an internship. Students will engage in a co-curricular leadership opportunity for 5-10 hours/week for a minimum of 100 hours/semester, while reflecting on their experiences in the context of integrative leadership – or the holistic understanding of one’s leadership identity, capacity, and style in varying dimensions and contexts.  Students will be required to explore their leadership identity by creating an ePortfolio to showcase and demonstrate the intersection of their skills, abilities, leadership capacity, and experiences. Students holding a leadership position in a student organization and/or co-curricular program may be eligible to enroll in UNIV 393.  Enrollment in UNIV 393 requires permission of the instructors. Examples of approved leadership experiences for this course include but are not limited to:

  • Student Alternative Break Immersion (ABI) Leader
  • Loyola Companion
  • USGA Executive Branch Officer
  • DOP Director
  • Officer in a Registered Student Organization
  • Diversity Council Member
  • Student Community Board Member
  • STARS Mentor
  • Returning Orientation Leader (Summer Session Only)



  • Leader in the Greek Community
  • Outdoor Experiential Education Student Facilitator
  • Peer Leadership Team Member in Student Leadership Development
  • Loyola4Chicago Team Leader
  • Residence Hall Association Executive Board Member
  • Wellness Advocate
  • Maroon & Gold Society Member
  • Board of Trustee Student Representative


This is not an exhaustive list – If you meet the criteria for this course and do not see your leadership experience listed, contact ePortfolio Program Manager Ashley Kehoe at akehoe@luc.edu for more information or to register.



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