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French 300-level Course Descriptions

Studying French at Loyola University Chicago will give you a firm grasp of French language and culture. What you may not realize is that Loyola's French professors will also prepare you to excel at all of your future endeavors.

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures takes pride in helping our students learn how to learn. The reasoning, speaking, and writing skills that you will acquire here will benefit you later in life whether you need to communicate successfully in French, English, or a third language. Many of our alumni have pursued careers in education, business, computer science, and other fields.

Our faculty have a passion for French language and culture and by sharing our enthusiasm for French with our students, we help them uncover their own passion—whether that be for French literature, culture, history, art, or even food! Wherever your curiosity takes you, we urge you to explore. And speaking of exploring, why not take advantage of all the cultural opportunities the city of Chicago has to offer you? Join the University's French Club and enhance your understanding of French language and culture through visits to Chicago area museums, theatres, and restaurants.

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures also values the learning experience inherent in studying abroad. We encourage students to hone their language skills and immerse themselves in French culture through our summer study abroad program. Our five to six-week program provides students with intensive language instruction. Please consult French professors and/or the Office of International Programs for up-to-date details.

BA in French

Degree Requirements

Completion of the BA in French degree program requires ten courses totaling 30 credits, excluding French 101–104 or their equivalent.

Requirements include:

  • Composition and Conversation, I and II (French 250 and 251)
  • Main Currents of French Literature, I and II (French 270 and 271)
  • Stylistics (French 301) or French for Professions (French 302)
  • Survey of Seventeenth Century (French 317)
  • Four additional 300-level courses in French

Note: 200-level courses are prerequisites for 300-level courses.

Current Loyola students: To declare a major in French, print out a Declaration of Major/Concentration from the College of Arts & Sciences, and bring the form to Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Crown Center 217. Upon declaring a major, you will be assigned a faculty advisor. It is your responsibility to arrange interviews with the advisor at least twice a year. Any questions should be addressed to the advisor. Majors will not be permitted to enroll in 300-level courses without the permission of the advisor.

Students with prior knowledge of French: please see information about the placement exam before registering for a class.

Portfolio Requirement

A senior portfolio is required for majors for program assessment purposes.

Teacher Education Requirements

Eleven courses totaling 33 credits, excluding 101–104, including Stylistics, Culture and Civilization and either Linguistics 120 or 125. Students in Secondary Education must also take Linguistics 302—Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages.

Departmental Honors

Students graduating with Departmental Honors take one Honors Tutorial (French 399) in addition to the above major requirements.

French Minors

Minor in French Language

A student pursuing the Minor in French Language should select six courses in consultation with the departmental French advisor. Students with no background in French will begin the sequence with 101. Students with high school or other background language will be placed in French 102, 103 or 104.

Minor in French Language and Literature

A student pursuing the Minor in French Language and Literature is required to take six courses in French, excluding 101 through 104. Students normally take 250, 251, 270, 271 and two courses at the 300 level. Students who are fluent in the language may begin the sequence at the 270-level with the French Undergraduate Program Director's permission.

Declaring a Minor

Please log in to your LOCUS account to declare a minor in French. Visit http://www.luc.edu/hub/declaremajor.shtml for more information on how to add a minor in LOCUS. Upon declaring a minor, the student will be assigned a faculty advisor. Contact the Undergraduate Program Director in French, if questions or concerns arise. 

For more information about our programs in French, please contact us.