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Insieme per il futuro

Together for the future - JFRC Campaign

Spaces to Expand Minds

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Anthony and Susan Brazier Piazza Information Commons

The new Anthony and Susan Brazier Piazza Information Commons, or digital library, is a key strategic component in the renovation plans. This new facility sets the JFRC campus apart from all other American facilities in Europe. The IC provides students with technology and access to information that can only be found at the new JFRC.

  • The computer lab is housed in the new information commons and provides students with the latest digital technology to enhance their classroom experience. The computer server connection has been upgraded to improve its overall capacity and connectivity.
  • The second floor of the new IC contains the book stack balcony, which provides a showcase for open-stack shelves of library books.
  • This two-story, ultramodern digital library has four group-study rooms, a reference material area, soft and formal seating, and flexible seating that can be moved to expand the room for lectures or events.

Fine Arts Studio

A fine arts studio graces the downstairs area with a new ceramics studio and space where students can create paintings, drawings, and other works of fine art. As part of educating the whole person, the JFRC encourages its students to explore their inner artist—whether it be through water color or oil painting, charcoal or line drawings, hand-made ceramics, or any number of other artistic venues.