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Insieme per il futuro

Together for the future - JFRC Campaign

Real-World Experiences

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 The gift of cultural exchange

A pioneer in cultural exchange and education, the John Felice Rome Center invites the partnership of those who want to develop tomorrow’s global leaders. Through course development, travel experiences, and internship and service opportunities, we offer a once-in-a-lifetime chance for students to gain a global perspective that will enrich their lives and shape their futures.

Keep sponsored study-trips moving

Sponsored study trips are a great JFRC tradition. These trips, which take students throughout Italy and to places such as Tunisia, Poland, and Greece, transform the standard study-abroad experience into a globe-trekking adventure, and introduce students to a wide variety of people and cultures. At the JFRC, we are seeking resources to help maintain this distinguishing program while expanding our assistance to students who have a demonstrated need.

Expand internship and service opportunities for students

‌Transformative global education is more than just sight-seeing: the global service and internship programs at the JFRC provide students with the kinds of hands-on opportunities that add depth to the study-abroad experience and that can open doors down the road.

For example, building on the Jesuit mission of pursuing social justice, many students at the center serve the homeless and other less fortunate members of Italian society. This provides a wide range of insight into Italian culture.

The internship program, launched in 2004, distinguishes the JFRC from other study-abroad opportunities and provides a rare chance for students to experience the European workplace first-hand. These internships transform the student from a spectator of Italian culture to a participant, while also providing invaluable global market exposure