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Welcome to Sakai

Sakai is Loyola University’s online learning management system.  It is a collaborative platform for Loyola faculty, staff, and students to interact and support teaching and learning activities.  Sakai offers tools for university courses, research projects, organizations, and groups.  Instructors at Loyola use Sakai as an extension of their classes – a place to access the class syllabi, handouts, assignments, notes, take online quizzes or tests, and view your grades.  Sakai also provides opportunities for students to interact through class discussions, wiki posts, and more. 

Recommended Web Browsers

Use the latest versions of Firefox (Mozilla), Safari (Apple), Chrome (Google), and IE 9 (Microsoft Internet Explorer aka IE) and IE 8. Sakai does not work with IE 7 and earlier, or with Firefox 10 and earlier. For more information, visit https://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/QA/Browser+Support

NOTE: Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer recently added a security feature that results in some video content not displaying. If you are not able to view video content in Sakai, visit Allowing Blocked Content in Sakai.

Getting Started with Sakai

Login - Using one of the recommended web browsers above, enter the web address provided: sakai.luc.edu. You may also go to the Loyola home page, www.luc.edu, and choose Sakai from the Links drop-down menu.

Enter your Loyola user id and password then click login.

 The Reset Button‌ - At the top of each course site page, you will see a reset button to the right of the menu for that site.  ‌Clicking this button resets your current tool back to its original view.  Your browser’s back button is not compatible with Sakai tools.  Clicking the back button on your web browser will take you back to the home page of the course.  Use the reset button to take you back to the original tool page.  Please Note:  If you have entered but not saved information on a page, clicking Reset will discard your work.  Be sure to save any new work before clicking reset to go to the main page of the tool‌.

Layout and Display‌- Special layout features of Sakai including the private My Workspace‌ area and how to update user preferences. 

Course/Project Tabs‌ - How to hide, unhide, and reorder tabs to make your courses easier to find.

Course Sites‌ - Features of your course site home pages and how to navigate each site using the tool menu.

Home, Schedule, and Resources - This section will help you use some of the most common course site tools.  Your course site may not include all of these tools depending on instructor or site owner preference.  You may also experience additional tools in your courses.  Remember, for help at any time just click the blue question mark at the top right of the tool screen.  

Hiding Sites - How to remove old course sites from your "More Sites" drawer or tabs at the top of your screen.  Please note that student access to any previous semester courses will be removed automatically following the start of a new semester.

Assignments, Tests and Quizzes

Assignments - How to view and submit assignments.  (Please Note:  Once an assignment is submitted, you should receive an email notification from no-reply@sakai confirming your assignment submission time, date, and ID.  Please retain this email for your records.)


Tests and Quizzes - How to view and submit a test or quiz. 

**Please Note:  If you are taking a timed test or quiz, once you begin the assessment you must complete it fully.  There is not an option to pause or return to the test later as the timer will continue to run once the assessment has begun.  The assessment will auto-submit once the time limit has been reached, regardless of whether or not all questions have been answered.

**Best Practices for Taking Online Tests: To minimize the possibility of losing an internet connection when taking an online test:

  • Take you test on a computer with a wired connection (LUC lab computer)  or a reliable wireless connection (LUC wireless, home wireless).
  • Do not use a mobile device, e.g., smartphone, tablet, iPad, to take your test.
  • Take you test with only one browser window open.
  • Use a browser that is supported by Sakai.
  • If you experience any difficulty with accessing or completing your test contact your instructor immediately.
  • If you are taking the test on a device you own, your personal desktop or laptop, make sure your device is functioning correctly before taking the test. You are responsible for maintaining your own equipment.

Lessons - How to view and navigate through lessons. (Please Note:  Your instructor may have renamed the lessons tool to better fit the needs of the course)

Student View of Instructor Comments‌ - Where to view comments and instructor feedback on assignments, tests & quizzes, and more.

Communication Tools

Wiki Pages‌- How to create, view and edit Wiki pages.

Drop Box-Student - How to share files with your instructor using the Drop Box tool (may not be available in all courses).

Forums - How to view and post to discussion topics within course forums, and how to reply to conversations in progress.

Messages‌- How to compose new messages and view received, sent, and deleted messages in Sakai.

Blogs‌ - How to create blogs in Sakai.

For More Help

You can email sakai@luc.edu or contact the Technology Support Center at 8-4ITS (on campus) or 773-508-4ITS (off campus) from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.