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Panopto is a new lecture capture platform at Loyola starting in Spring 2014. Panopto software provides an all-in-one interface to record screen content and video of the instructor simultaneously and can be used in classrooms on campus that are equipped with a built-in video recording system or from any PC or laptop.  The presenter has the option to record video or audio only along with PowerPoint and/or screen capture.

Welcome to Panopto 4.6

With the upgrade to the latest version on 3/22/14, the Panopto video player has a new look and feel.  Click here to watch a brief overview on the changes to the interactive video player.

Panopto Overview Video 

Getting Started

  1. Instructors have the option to access Panopto through their Sakai course sites.  To make Panopto available in your course, go to Site Info <Edit Tools and select Panopto from the list.  Once you add the Panopto Tool, click on the link to Panopto from your course menu to access the Panopto recorder.  Students may click on the Panopto link to view recordings. 
  2. You may also access Panopto directly from the Panopto login page.  Go to http://luc.hosted.panopto.com and enter your UVID and password.  Make sure Loyola is selected from the drop down menu.  Once you log in to Panopto, the folders you have access to will be located on the lower left. 
  3. For questions related to Panopto, contact panopto@luc.edu.  

Panopto Training

Learn to record, share and archive your class lectures during these sessions. Instructor led sessions will be offered at both campuses and online sessions will be available via Adobe Connect.

To request a training session, please email panopto@luc.edu.

Faculty drop-in support sessions are also available. 

Panopto Tutorials 

 Video Equipped Classrooms

Recommended Equipment

If you are teaching from a non-video equipped classroom but would still like to record using Panopto, you can reserve a web kit from one of the Digital Media Labs on the second floor of the Information Commons at the Lakeshore campus, or Corboy Law Center room 608 at the Water Tower Campus.  Should you desire to purchase your own equipment for use with Panopto lecture capture, ITRS recommends the following devices:

Spring/Summer Pilot

During the Spring/Summer semesters, Panopto recordings were used to supplement nine courses.  The instructors using Panopto to record their class sessions found the software to be straightforward and easy to use to create and share recordings with their students.  Faculty and students had an overall positive response to Panopto being used as a course supplement and shared the following comments in a survey:


Students hardly notice that the recording session is on.  This makes for a very normal class atmosphere. When students gave presentations, they didn't even think that they were being recorded because the instructor had set everything up before the beginning of the class session.  Since most students are interested in reviewing presentations by other members of the class, this is an important factor.
I firmly believe that Panopto improves the online learning experience for both faculty and students.  It is incredibly easy to use and very helpful.  Students reported high rates of satisfaction with it.  Its capabilities exceed those of other similar programs, and I would HIGHLY recommend Loyola move forward with adopting Panopto for use by faculty.


I think Panopto serves a major purpose for use in the course. It was easier to access than trying to print copies of the document files, especially if you don't have access to a printer.

I think it's very helpful to use in reviewing for a test or if a topic was unclear when it was first taught in class.  Being able to watch the class over was extremely helpful.


Panopto FAQ


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