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Giving to Loyola

A Partnership to Preserve a Legacy

We invite you to partner with Loyola University Chicago and Casa Italia (pictured below) to honor a proud tradition of hard work and perseverance.


An endowed tenured professorship of Italian American Studies within Loyola’s interdisciplinary studies program in the College of Arts and Sciences would offer a number of benefits. Such a professor could:


A professor of Italian American Studies would drive a program in Italian American Studies, which would be open to all students regardless of ethnicity. A sample curriculum might include:


Loyola is seeking a giving commitment of $500,000* to endow a professorship and create an Italian American Studies program. To demonstrate its commitment to this program and the Italian American legacy, the University will match those gifts one-for-one.

$500,000 (giving commitment) + $500,000 (University match) = $1,000,000 (cost to endow professorship)

*In the event that the $500,000 minimum to create an endowed professorship is not reached by Dec. 31, 2015, monies raised will establish a permanent, general endowment for Italian American Studies. Examples of how a general endowed fund could be used include a lecture series, appointments of part-time instructors to teach specialty courses in the program, research stipends, and other related areas of support for Italian American Studies.



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