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On behalf of Information Technology Services (ITS) and the Loyola University Libraries, it is our pleasure to welcome you back to Loyola University Chicago. While the University offers a number of services and access to alumni, we want to take this opportunity to highlight the specific resources available through ITS and the Libraries. Whether you are at the Lake Shore Campus in the Information Commons or the Lewis Library at the Water Tower Campus, we hope that you have a wonderful experience and make use of these outstanding resources. If you have any questions during your visit, don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our ITS or Libraries team.

  • To view a PDF copy of the letter provided at the ITS service desk and for instructions on how to use an alumni workstation, click on the following link: alumnipdf1415.pdf

Computer and Internet Access

With an alumni card, provided by Alumni Relations, you may request access to a workstation in the Information Commons at the Lake Shore Campus and/or the Lewis Library at the Water Tower Campus. There is no charge for access or use of a workstation.

Access to a workstation can be requested at the Lake Shore Campus (Information Commons - Room 207) or the Water Tower Campus (Corboy Law Center - Room 608). One of the following ID’s, in addition to a valid alumni card, must be presented at each visit to access a workstation:

  • Current U.S. Driver’s License
  • Current U.S. State Identification Card
  • Current Passport
  • Current Green Card
  • Current Military Identification Card

During your first visit to request an Access Pass, an ITS staff member will also require the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

After providing the above information on your first visit, future visits will only require verification that your information has not changed.

Access to the wireless network, checkout of equipment or use of group study rooms is restricted to enrolled and active Loyola students, or employed faculty and staff.

Alumni workstations are located on the 1st Floor of the Information Commons and on the 6th Floor of the Corboy Law Center in Room 608. An Access Pass will provide specific location information for the workstations.

All alumni workstations have the following applications installed:

Productivity ToolsInternet BrowsersMicrosoft Office 2013
Adobe Acrobat Reader Google Chrome Microsoft Access
Calculator Internet Explorer Microsoft Excel
Paint Mozilla Firefox Microsoft OneNote
WinRar   Microsoft PowerPoint
Wordpad   Microsoft Publisher
    Microsoft Word

While using University lab workstations, you are strongly encouraged not to save your work directly to the workstation. Instead, consider using external USB-based storage. When you are finished using a workstation, it is important that you log out immediately.

When you restart or log out of a workstation all personal information, documents and resources are deleted. Additionally, all computers will automatically log out after thirty (30) minutes of inactivity or when your session time expires. All work that is not saved to external storage will be lost.

Alumni are provided three (3) hours of workstation access per day. If no other alumni are waiting for access to a workstation, you can extend your time in thirty (30) minute increments directly from your workstation. If other alumni are waiting for a workstation, this option will not be available.

Alumni can print from lab printers using a Courtesy Card. Cards are available to purchase for $1 and funds can be added in cash from the multiple Value Port terminals locations around each campus. There is a per-page fee for print jobs from the alumni workstations. The following rates apply for printing:

Print FormatCost Per Sheet
Black and White double-sided (Duplex) (Default) $0.10
Black and White single-sided (Simplex) $0.07

E-mail Access

Loyola students who graduated beginning with the Spring 2013 commencement will be allowed to keep their @luc.edu email address for as long as they like -- even for life! For more information about Office 365 and e-mail access, please visit the ITS website at http://www.luc.edu/its/exchange.

University Libraries

Alumni who hold a valid alumni library card and a government-issued photo ID are able to use University Library facilities, borrow books and be granted access to certain databases while on campus. Services available include:

  • Access to materials and services at the University's Cudahy, Lewis, and Health Science library branches;
  • Borrow up to 500 books;
  • Access selected web resources with an Access Pass. Due to contractual agreements, access to these resources is not available from off-campus;
  • Keep books for 28 days with an option to renew for unlimited additional periods (with the exception of the Health Sciences library, where the lending period is 21 days);
  • Request books borrowed by other patrons and have them available within 2-3 weeks, depending on the return date. Materials borrowed by alumni are also subject to recall;
  • Request "in-process" books before they have been shelved;
  • Request inter-campus articles from the Loyola Libraries (subject to limitations during peak periods);
  • Request inter-campus books from the Loyola Libraries using Pegasus; and
  • View videos from the collections within the libraries.

Access and borrowing privileges for the Law Library (located on the 3rd floor of the Corboy Law Center) are different from the rest of the University system. For more specific information about alumni library privileges, please call (773) 508-2631 or visit the University Libraries website at http://libraries.luc.edu/alumni.