Loyola University Chicago

Women's Studies and Gender Studies


Spring 2018 Loyola Feminist Lecture Series

Spring 2018 Loyola Feminist Lecture Series

In the spirit of community consciousness-raising groups of the 1970s, the Women's Studies and Gender Studies program aims to create a space where community members facilitate dialogues and learn more about essential topics of contemporary feminism. Our inaugural lecture series provides an opportunity for the Loyola community to foster an environment in which feminist ideas thrive. Presenters are current and former students, staff, and faculty addressing topics and issues impacting both our campus and larger Chicago community.

WHEN: 12 p.m., Wednesdays (biweekly) 
WHERE: Piper Hall, Second Floor, Lake Shore Campus
WHO: Each lecture will feature a different student, faculty, staff, or alum; everyone is welcome to attend.
DETAILS: Bring your own lunch; beverages will be provided.


February 28: I Got a Lot to be Mad About: How Hurting Black Girls Become Angry Black Women

Presented by Laquasha Logan

March 14: Sex Work, Feminism, and the Anti-trafficking Narrative
Presented by Cassandra Damm

March 28: Community Conversation about Women's History Month

April 11: Domestic Violence: Experience of the South Asian Immigrant Women in the United States
Presented by Teuta Peja



*February 14: Food, Love, and Mom: Women’s Labor and the Myth of the Family Meal in Cold War East and West Germany
Presented by Alice Weinreb, PhD


This lecture analyzes the Cold War construction of the “family meal”, especially “mom’s cooking,” as crucial to children’s health. Analyzing both capitalist and communist economies, I argue that this ideal serves economic purposes rather than supporting public health, above all limiting women’s success in the paid workforce.


*Though this lecture will begin at 12:30 p.m., WSGS will provide materials for attendees to craft feminist valentines beginning at noon.

January 24: It's More than Pronouns: Facilitating Trans and Nonbinary Affirming Classrooms
Presented by Meaghan Tomasiewicz & Suzanne Cuellar

Facilitators will talk about how to affirm transgender and non-binary identities in academia while encouraging attendees to reflect on their own discomfort. Facilitators will address how to practice affirming unfamiliar identities and what to do when mistakes are made. Emphasis will be placed on the process rather than on vocabulary and theory.