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Women's Studies and Gender Studies

Student organizations

Feminist Forum

The Feminist Forum was founded in 1995 through the Women’s Studies and Gender Studies Program at Loyola University Chicago. The Feminist Forum was founded in order to provide a supportive, safe, and open environment to discuss women and women’s issues. A pro-active organization, the Feminist Forum seeks to bring speakers and hold events to raise awareness of the challenges in many women’s lives such as sexual violence, HIV and AIDS, discrimination, sexual harassment and awareness of systems of patriarchy.
Contact Feminist.forum.luc@gmail.com


Advocate has been set up to serve the Loyola Community by creating a safe and comfortable environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and straight ally students, faculty, administration and staff. The organization will work to educate the Loyola community and beyond on issues pertaining to LGBTQA peoples and acts for the rights and equalities of all. As the official LGBTQA organization, Advocate is a resource to the University and all of its parts and strives to fulfill the call for cura personalis directed under the Ignatian charism.
Website: http://www.facebook.com/Advocate.LUC
E-mail: advocate@luc.edu

College Advocates for Reproductive Education (CARE)

College Advocates for Reproductive Education (CARE) is proud to be a student voice addressing sexual health and wellness issues on campus. CARE’s goals include educating the Loyola community on issues affecting students’ health, partnering with the various centers, departments, and offices at the university to improve health policies, and providing students with open forums in which to discuss issues relating to sex and sexuality. CARE has specifically focused many of its efforts on addressing sexual assault survivor rights. We believe we can empower each other by sparking dialogue, sharing our story, collaborating for positive public health solutions, and direct action. CARE understands not only that knowledge is power, but also that solidarity and unity are key to change.
Contact President Yoni Siden at jsiden@luc.edu

Invisible Conflicts

Invisible Conflicts is a student organization started at Loyola University Chicago devoted to exposing the conflicts which are neglected by most western media and governments. We tell the stories of these invisible conflicts through the use of film, music, and conversations. It is the mission of IC to build relationships between communities of power and privilege to communities of poverty and oppression. Through the exchange of cultural values and knowledge, we find practical ways to help one another end violence, strengthen education, re-establish culture, eradicate poverty, and renew overall quality of life and well-being for those who are affected by these conflicts.
Website: invisibleconflicts.blogspot.com

OxFam Loyola

Oxfam Loyola is dedicated to promoting awareness of social justice issues and fair trade products as well as advocating for community based solutions. We are a chapter of Oxfam America, whose mission is to provide lasting solutions to hunger, poverty, and injustice. Our group strives to engage the campus community around issues that are often left out of the conversation. This semester we are focusing on the impact of climate change on women and impoverished communities, issues of food justice, and community rights with natural resource extraction.
Contact oxfamluc@gmail.com

Women of Color Leadership & Rites of Passage Program (LUCES)

Women of Color Leadership & Rites of Passage Program (LUCES)
LUCES is a multigenerational community of women that actively works towards solidarity, leadership, and community wellness at Loyola University Chicago. Based on the Kemetic principles of Ma’at, the LUCES Program encourages the success and growth of its participants and our community at large.
Website:  http://www.luc.edu/diversity/programs/loyolauniversitychicagoempoweringsisterhoodluces/

Latin American Student Organization

LASO was founded in 1969. It is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in developing our members' individual potential. LASO encourages its members to learn about the diversity of the Latino culture, while promoting leadership development within us all. LASO is determined to seek strength in union as Latino students face a critical juncture in higher education—which includes decreasing enrollment nation wide and lack of support and resources. It is committed to the use of our skills, knowledge and energy in order to contribute to the welfare of our people, society and the world.
Contact laso.luc@gmail.com
Our Facebook page address is https://www.facebook.com/laso.luc.5?fref=ts

African Student Alliance

African Student Alliance is a cultural organization. Our goal is to celebrate the many cultures Africa has to offer as well as educate others about them. Not only are we a social club, we are also building a community. Some of our members volunteer at African run organizations in and around the city. We have teamed up with other organizations such as Invisible Conflicts to help build up some of the communities back home in Africa.
Contact Yvette Ssempijja (President): yssempijja@luc.edu, and Ibienebo Hart (Vice-President): ihart@luc.edu

Women in Business (WIB)

WIB promotes the role of women at Loyola and after business school by providing opportunities for women to express their role in today's society and by establishing alumni networks. WIB provides a forum to discuss the issues and challenges women face in their careers and offer activities that build awareness of women in leadership positions. WIB allows students who are interested in promoting the role of professional women to share experiences, find support, and develop constructive plans for action. WIB also offers opportunities to members to develop both professionally and personally, attempts to empower women through various activities and services, and to enlighten and benefit the entire Loyola community.
Contact president Meghan Wright at mwright1@luc.edu
Website: wibluc@gmail.com

Student Environmental Alliance

The Student Environmental Alliance is a campus organization dedicated to protecting and sustaining our environment. We accomplish our purpose through education and action. We strive to educate ourselves and the Loyola community about the existing instability of our world. Through action, we take this new awareness and translate it into tangible actions to stop environmental destruction and create solutions for a better future.
Contact Selenia Murillo at smurillo@luc.edu