Loyola University Chicago

Women and Leadership Archives

Speaker Series

The Women & Leadership Archives is pleased to provide interested faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students with this forum to highlight interdisciplinary scholarship on women and gender. This is a unique opportunity for individuals to present their work to their colleagues in a comfortable and encouraging setting.

Presentations take place once a month on weekday afternoons for an hour. Dates for presentations are flexible and all are brown bag lunch optional. Presenters are expected to speak for approximately thirty to forty minutes, with the remaining time devoted to a discussion of the work.

We hold open submissions throughout the year, and have presentation slots available for the 2013-2014 academic calendars. We welcome students and faculty from any discipline and any department at Loyola. A highlight of our diverse past presenters is available below.

Interested parties should submit a one-page abstract to the Women & Leadership Archives wlarchives@luc.edu or Nancy Freeman at nfreeman1@luc.edu. Abstracts need to include a description of the paper, a summary of the argument, and any additional materials needed to present, i.e. projector, VCR, power-point hook up, Internet.

2012-2013 Speakers:

Aaron M. Brunmeier, "Paradoxical Patriarchs: Reconstructing Masculinity in Revolutionary Virginia."

Anne Burkhardt, "Women of Faith in Revolt: Understanding Catholic Women Activists in Late 20th-Century Chicago."

Courney Irby, "Patricia Crowley and teh Negotiated Place of Families among Post-War Catholics."

Rachel Boyle, "She Shot Him Dead: Female Homicides in Chicago, 1870-1900."

Frankie (S. Frank), "The War on Women's Bodies in the Media."

J. Curtis Main & Symone L. Simmons "Bathrooms, Beds, and Balls: Forced Sex Segregation in Higher Education."

2011-2012 Speakers:

Robin Bartram, "The Skryscraper as Both a Gndered and Engendering Space."

Anna Flaming, "'The Most Important Person in the World:' Feminism and Housewifery in the Campaign for the Equal Rights Amendment, 1970-1982."

J. Curtis Main, "(Women's) Archival Spaces and Trans Voices? A (Re)Search and Proposal."

Kathryn Berg, "Origins of Latina Reproductive Justice: Puerto Rican and Chicana Feminism in teh '60s and '70s."

Karen Johnson, "Women in Chicago's Civil Rights Movement: Doing Catholic Interracialism."

Amelia Serafine, "He Filled My Heart with Doubt: The Southern Belle's Love and Duty in the Civil War."

Matthew Sawicki, "Ladies Don't Argue with a Burglar: Gender, Race, and Class in Firearms Advertisements, 1880-1919."

2010-2011 Speakers:

Megan Stout Sibbel, "Sisters in the South: Roman Catholic Nuns in African American Communities, 1935-1970."

Amanda Furiasse, "Who Said Mary has to be a Virgin? The Social Construction of Mary's Virginity."

Christopher Ramsey, "From Rolling Pins to Podiums: The Changing Role of Women in Neighborhood Resistance: Chicago, 1953-1983."

Mia Gutsell, "Marie Curie: Woman, Scientist, Subtle Feminist."

Cynthia Wallace, "Choosing Something New: A Contemporary Literary Ethics of Women's Suffering and Self-Sacrifice."

Stella Ress, "Gold Diggers and Sugar Daddies: Intergenerational Romance and the Challenge to Age/Gender Norms, 1900-1930."