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Wellness Center Groups

See below for the spring group offerings- these groups are free and open to all LUC students.

Please see below for more information about the Spring 2018 Wellness Center counseling groups.

These groups were developed by Wellness Center mental health staff to meet the specific needs of college students.

 These groups will start around the second week of the spring semester, but please contact the group facilitator more information and for a more specific start date.


Lakeshore Campus Groups- Spring 2018

Take a Deep Breath: Weekly Mindfulness Meditation

Mondays 4:30pm-5:30 pm in  Room 317 of Information  Commons . First session: January 22nd , Last Session: April 23rd

Learn how to meditate and incorporate it into your daily life. Sessions are ongoing, newcomers are always welcome.  *Room 317 is on the Silent Reading floor; please enter and exit the floor without speaking. Contact Dianna Stencel, LCSW  at dstence@luc.edu or (773) 508-2544 for more information or join any Monday.

Peaceful Mind: Mindfulness Group to Better Manage Feelings of Stress, Anxiety, or Depression

Wednesdays 4:00pm-5:30 pm at the Lakeshore Wellness Center, (LSC),  3rd Floor of Granada; Information Sessions: February 7th and 14th (required to attend one information session before joining the  group)

An 9-week mindfulness based group designed to help you better manage feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression. You will receive a free e-handbook and recordings to help you with your at-home assignments throughout the course of the group. Contact Dianna Stencel, LCSW at dstence@luc.edu or (773)-508-2544 for more information.

Finding Peace in a Frantic World: A Mindfulness Course to Help with Stress and Mood

Thursdays 3:00pm-4:30 pm at the LSC Wellness Center. Information Sessions: February 1st, 8th, and 15th (required to attend one information session before joining the group)

MBSR was developed in 1979. Since then, this program has been brought to various university settings, and it has been proven effective in helping participants learn new ways to manage their stress reactivity. Contact Dianna Stencel, LCSW at dstence@luc.edu for more information.

 Emotional Intelligence & Relationships Group - Thursdays 4:00pm-5:30pm at the LSC Wellness Center

This semester-long group is open to all undergraduate students and offers a safe place for you to explore your emotions more  deeply and reflect on your thoughts and behaviors in relationships. Contact Tiffany Tiberi, PsyD at ttiberi@luc.edu or (773) 508-2751 to set up a pre-group interview or for more information.

 Trauma Recovery Group-Tuesdays 3-4:30 at the LSC Wellness Center

A supportive group process to enable trauma survivors to understand the trauma response and work together, with the support of the group, to achieve self-identified personal goals. This group is for female identified survivors of sexual abuse or trauma. Contact Tracie Pape, LCSW at tpape1@luc.edu, (773) 508-8882, or contact Jessica Gould, LCSW at jgould1@luc.edu, (773) 508-2185 to request group membership.

You Got This: Making Connections on Campus - Thursdays 3-4 pm at the LSC Wellness Center

Work through your adjustment to college and develop healthy coping skills for managing overwhelming feelings effectively. Contact Keith Morgan, LCSW, at kmorgan3@luc.edu or 773-508-8885 for more information. 

 Dissertation and Thesis Support Group - Fridays 2:00pm-3:15 pm at the LSC Wellness Center

This group is open to graduate students at any stage of completing either a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. Contact Andrea Boyd, PhD at aboyd2@luc.edu to request group membership.

Thrive: Learning to Navigate Your Inner Landscape - DBT Skills Training

Wednesdays 2:00pm - 3:30pm at the LSC Wellness Center

This skills training group will help you manage big emotions, more effectively tolerate distressing situations, and replace negative coping skills with more positive methods of coping. Contact Tracie Pape, LCSW at tpape1@luc.edu, (773) 508-8882, or contact Jessica Gould, LCSW at jgould1@luc.edu or (773) 508-2185 to request group membership.

 First.Only. Different.: An affinity group for students of color- Twice a month on Tuesdays, Damen 122, 4:30-5:30

An affinity group that provides an affirming space for students of color centered around the issues of diversity, inclusion, and building community. Contact Andrea Boyd, Ph.D., at aboyd2@luc.edu or 773-508-2534 for more information.

 “Just Shake it Off” is not as easy as Taylor Swift says- Tuesdays 4:00-5:00 pm at the LSC Wellness Center

This 8-week group uses the evidence-based strategies of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you better understand how anxiety impacts your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and how you can learn skills to better manage feelings of anxiety and depression.  Contact Colleen Stiles-Shields, Ph. D. at estilesshields@luc.edu for more information.

 Alcoholics Anonymous - Fall 2017-Tuesdays 1:30pm-2:30pm in Centennial Forum on the Lakeshore Campus

This is a  meeting offered for those who are working through a 12-Step program to combat their  alcoholism. The group is closed to include students in recovery only, but is open to new members the last Tuesday of every month.


Water Tower Campus Groups- Spring 2018

Graduate Student Interpersonal Process Group

Tuesdays 3:15-4:45 pm, 2nd Floor of the Terry Student Center, Suite 250

The group is offered to all graduate students, with the goal of helping you increase self awareness and enhance interpersonal relationships. The group provides you with a safe space for you to explore your emotions, and communicate your needs in an effective way. Contact Hongying Chen, PhD at hchen13@luc.edu or (312) 915-6376  to set up a pre-group interview or for more information.