Loyola University Chicago

Wellness Center

Medical Services

Appointments for common illnesses and conditions are available with a Nurse Practitioner or Medical Doctor at the Lake Shore campus and Water Tower campus locations.  Examples of common illnesses and conditions include: respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, headaches, abdominal pain, sexually transmitted infections and dermatologic conditions.  Physical exams are not available during the semester.  Consultations with a registered dietician are available to discuss a variety of nutrition-related health concerns. Call Dial-A-Nurse 773-508-8883 to schedule an appointment or click here to make a web booked appointment.  Web-based appointments are available on a limited basis. 

Please call Dial-A-Nurse during business hours to speak with a Registered Nurse who will triage your concern and schedule an appointment at the Wellness Center or direct you where to seek care.  Examples of places to go can be found here. After hours please see “In Case of an Emergency” for contact phone numbers.  

Examples of lab work ordered by providers during medical visits are: rapid group A strep, rapid mononucleosis, pregnancy, urinalysis, sexually transmitted infection screening, and basic blood tests.  Please see our List of fees  for more information.  You may be able to have lab work ordered by your primary care provider drawn at the Lake Shore Wellness Center.  Please call Dial-A-Nurse to schedule an appointment.   

Examples of preventive services include gynecologic examsimmunizations, and TB screening Routine physical exams are not available during the fall and spring semesters.  Please call Dial-A-Nurse for assistance in finding a primary care physician. Please do not schedule a routine physical exam via web-booking. 

Examples of procedures are: allergy shots*, ear irrigation, and wound care.  Please Call Dial-A-Nurse to schedule an appointment. 

*Serum and treatment plan must be provided by a private allergist. An appointment is necessary.

If you require a referral to a specialist, please call Dial-A-Nurse and we will provide you with a referral . 

If you are prescribed a medication you can take the prescription to one of the local pharmacies. There are several pharmacies located within walking distance from both campuses. Your insurance can be used to pay for medicine filled at a pharmacy.  Both Wellness Center sites have a limited number of basic medications available for a fee.  The Wellness Center does not submit claims to insurance for medications purchased on-site.