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See below for Spring 2018 workshop dates and peer facilitator recruitment information

What is the Body Project at Loyola?

The Body Project is an interactive, two session workshop that is designed to challenge the thin ideal and help improve body satisfaction for women. The workshop is set up as a non-judgmental group conversation, where participants have the opportunity to discuss and criticize the thin ideal, and participate in spoken and written exercises. The Body Project workshops are led by trained female student leaders at Loyola who are passionate about promoting positive body image. The workshops are held in 2 two hour sessions a week apart.

To learn more about the Body Project workshops, check out the Body Project FAQs .


How can I sign up for a workshop?

The Wellness Center will be offering a few peer led Body Project workshops this spring.

Signups for the February and March workshop are now available online, please sign up here: Body Project workshop signup

February dates: Tues, Feb 6th and Tues, Feb 13th, 6-8 pm (this is a two part workshop, so please sign up for both dates)

March dates: Wed, March 21st and Wed, March 28th, 7-9 pm  (this is a two part workshop, so please sign up for both dates)


Also, check out the Body Project facebook page for regular updates: https://www.facebook.com/thebodyprojectatluc.

 How can I become involved in the Body Project?

The Wellness Center is currently recruiting for peer leaders for the 2018-19 school year. Applicants must complete an application and  submit a recommendation form from a mentor by March 2nd. Peer leaders facilitate 1-2 stduent workshops a semester, and also promote positive body image in different ways. To apply, please download the Body Project 2018-19 Facilitator Application

 Meet the Peer Leaders of the Body Project and learn more about what motivated them to become facilitators.



To request a Body Project workshop for your female student group, fill out the  Body Project 2017 Group Program Request Form   and email it to BodyProject@luc.edu. See the FAQs for more information on group workshops.