Loyola University Chicago

Wellness Center

Your First Visit

At the first visit of each semester students will be asked to complete a patient information sheet upon signing in at the reception desk. This provides current contact information that helps the Wellness Center staff to better serve students and reach them if necessary.

Our new Healthy Lifestyles Assessment is designed to help the health care professional address the student's health concerns and risk factors, and to give appropriate health guidance. Incoming freshmen will be asked to complete a Healthy Lifestyles Assessment at their first visit. All other students are welcome to complete the assessment if they are interested in doing so. It takes about 10 minutes to complete and can be done in the lobby while waiting to see a health professional.

In the privacy of an exam room, a registered nurse will obtain a health history and conduct a thorough assessment. Most patients can be effectively managed by a registered nurse. If further assessment or treatment by a physician or nurse practitioner is necessary, the registered nurse will direct the patient to make an appointment with that individual.

In the exam room the nurse will also review and discuss the completed Healthy Lifestyles Assessment. The nurse will provide encouragement, information, resources, and referrals to assist the patient with questions, concerns, and goals. Follow up visits may be recommended.