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Info Commons - LSC

This webcam is on the Lake Shore Campus, overlooking the Information Commons Quad, and provides a live-stream view. To access the webcam, click on the IC Quad Webcam link below, but please note:

1) This webcam feed requires Internet Explorer; it will not work in Firefox, nor on a Mac.

2) You will be required to download the Toshiba software plug-in.

3) After clicking on View, the live-stream window will pop-up. To control camera movement, click on the middle icon in the top-right corner of the live-stream window. This will open a small control window, which you can drag to the side of the live-stream window. You will only have the ability to scan up-down, or left-right.

4) The rate at which the picture updates and the reaction time for the camera controls will depend on the speed of your Internet connection and the number of people who are viewing the camera simultaneously.

If the camera appears to be jumping around, it is likely that more than one person is attempting to control it at the same time. Try waiting a few minutes until the camera is no longer moving to try to control it.

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