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Faculty Web Pages

Faculty of Loyola University Chicago can post academic material in different locations depending on their needs.


Sakai is Loyola's Web-based course management system. With Sakai, Loyola faculty can post and edit course information online, including syllabi, assignments, exams, lectures and discussions. More information about Sakai can be found at www.luc.edu/itrs.

Faculty Web Pages  

Faculty can also post academic material on faculty web pages.   In order to publish these types of pages, an Orion ID is required.  Orion is the server on which these web pages reside, so you will need that access in order to upload or download pages.   The form to request an Orion ID can be found at here.  When you receive your ID, please send an e-mail to webmaster@luc.edu and your web space will be created.

To upload new pages, or download existing pages for editing, Filezilla can be used.  Filezilla is a computer application that copies files from one computer to another.  

There is also some helpful information about HTML use at www.luc.edu/web/resources_html_create.shtml and www.luc.edu/web/resources_html_tags.shtml.  Faculty members are responsible for their own pages.