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Course Offerings and Program Dates

Course Offerings

Total coursework is 13–19 credit hours. All courses are 3-credit hours and are offered during both the Fall and Spring semester (unless otherwise noted). You will be required to take SOCL 264 for your service learning placement or IBUS 370 for your internship placement during your time at the Vietnam Center. All students must also take UNIV 103 Seminar: Orientation: Encounters, which is a 1-credit-hour ongoing seminar used to help you process your experience and also to get important context for your academic excursions.

Below are the courses offered. You can view a sample syllabus for each one by clicking on the course title. Click here or scroll down for Vietnam Center academic calendars. 


FINC 301Intro to Business Finance (Fall)

SCMG 332Operations Management (Spring)

ENTR 310Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Spring)

MARK 201Principles of Marketing (Fall)

MARK 310Consumer Behavior (Spring)

MARK 363International Marketing (Spring)

MGMT 201: ‌Managing People and Organizations‌ (Fall)

MGMT 361International Business Ethics (Spring)
Pre-Requisites: ECON 202 and MGMT 201

Environmental Science

ENVS 281VHumans and the Environment in Contemporary Vietnam
Fulfills LUC CORE Tier II Scientific Literacy


HIST 208VHistory of Southeast Asia Since 1858
Cross listings: GIST
Fulfills LUC CORE Tier II Historical Knowledge Area


IBUS 370Internship in International Business (Spring)
This is the required course for Spring semester internship students.

Vietnamese Language

VIET 101:Elementary Vietnamese

VIET 111
Intensive Elementary Vietnamese (6 credit hours)
Fulfills LUC College of Arts and Sciences 102 foreign language requirement.

VIET 252Vietnamese for Native Speakers


LITR 245*: Modern Vietnamese Literature: Asian Masterpieces
Cross listings: GIST and Interdisciplinary Honors-eligible
Fulfills LUC CORE Tier II Literary Knowledge Area

Political Science

PLSC 362VCulture and Politics of Development
Cross listings: GIST


SOCL 264Contemporary Vietnam
This is the required course for students participating in a service learning placement.
Cross listings: GIST
Fulfills LUC CORE Engaged Learning requirement


THEO 299Religions of Asia
Cross listings: GIST
Fulfills LUC CORE Tier II Theologial and Religious Knowledge


For information on how the Vietnamese language courses correspond with Loyola University Chicago, please click here.

*LITR 245 is eligible for Honors. LUC Interdisciplinary Honors students can fulfill an area studies course requirement while studying at the Vietnam Center. Please meet with Dr. Claudio Katz, Director of the Interdisciplinary Honors Program, to discuss your plan for integrating Honors into your Vietnam Center experience!


Program Dates

Vietnam Center Fall 2018 Academic Calendar**

Vietnam Center Spring 2019 Academic Calendar‌**

**Please note that dates are for reference only and subject to change. Arrival and departure dates will not change, however.