Loyola University Chicago

University Senate

How to Get Involved with the Senate

The University Senate invites all members of the University community to contribute to and participate in shared governance at Loyola University Chicago. There are a number of ways to get involved with University Senate:

  1. Raise an Item for the Senate Agenda 
    • The agenda of each University Senate meeting is set by the Chair in consultation with the Executive Committee.
    • Any member of the University community may propose a topic or issue for discussion. 
      • Please forward suggestions for agenda items to the University Senate Secretary Tim Love (tlove@luc.edu) and the University Senate Chair Zelda Harris (zharris@luc.edu).
  2. Attend a University Senate Meeting 
    • All University Senate meetings are open to the entire University community.
    • As time permits, the Chair will allow a public comment period on each University Senate agenda item.
  3. Contact your Senate Representative(s)
    • Senators are charged both with general stewardship of the University, and with representing the particular constituencies that elected them. 
    • Please feel free to reach out to your Senators with questions and concerns.