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How does the MailFoundry work

The MailFoundry Anti-Spam appliance works by routing your email to MailFoundry’s network data centers where it is cleaned before being sent back to Loyola’s email servers.

Will the MailFoundry block all spam?

It is impossible to block all spam mail. The goal is to reduce the amount of spam that you see. In testing, we have seen a significant improvement in the detection and reduction of spam.

How is the MailFoundry different from other spam detection systems?

The MailFoundry uses a specially designed email protection engine called MessageIQ. MessageIQ gives MailFoundry the edge over all other detection systems in terms of kill rate performance, false positive performance, message per second processing performance and adaptability to new threats.

Will Junk Mail Handling features still be available?

Yes.  Although you will see a significant reduction in the number of spam emails in the Junk Mail folder, this feature is still available within Outlook.

What happens if a legitimate message is quarantined as spam?

Legitimate email messages should be either released or released & reported. To release a message, click on the appropriate link next to the message. Emails released will be sent directly to the inbox and emails released & reported will be sent to the inbox after reporting to the MailFoundry that it is not spam.

How do I block unwanted mail that appears in my quarantine report?

No action is needed. Spam is automatically quarantined by the MailFoundry. Daily digest reports are available for viewing to prevent the loss of legitimate emails that may have been interpreted as spam.

What if I do not get a spam quarantine report?

There are a few reasons why a quarantine report is not received:
1. You did not get any spam within the last 24 hour period
2. You may have blocked luc.edu in your Outlook Junk Block List:  How to Unblock luc.edu (PDF)
3. You may have set up a Outlook rule to delete email from luc.edu or postmaster.  Check your Outlook rules and delete or disable any rules that delete email.

I received the message "unable to release message due to error 5" when trying to release an email from quarantine, why?

You will see that message if you try to release an email from quarantine that is more than 5 days old. Emails are automatically deleted from quarantine after 5 days.