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XP Sunset

Microsoft announced earlier this year that security software updates and technical support for the Windows XP operating system will no longer be provided after April 8, 2014. This means that any computers still running Windows XP will no longer receive upgrades, patches, online support, or technical assistance of any kind from Microsoft. Unsupported Windows XP computers are expected to be easy targets for hackers and malware.

We have also received notice from our computer registration system vendor that they will be removing Windows XP from the allowed operating systems list. This change will prevent personally owned computers running Windows XP from accessing our wireless networks and residence hall wired networks using the self-registration portal. 


Because of the lack of available patches and updates, Windows XP computers will become easy targets for malicious activity and could potentially put our University assets at risk.

Action Plan

Loyola plans a phased approach to removing Windows XP from all University networks.

Phase 1

Loyola Wireless Networks:

Starting Sunday, August 1, 2014, Loyola University Chicago will no longer allow or support Windows XP computers on Loyola wireless networks. This includes personally owned and Loyola owned computers. If you have a Loyola owned computer and are using the wireless network please contact the ITS help desk to arrange for an upgrade assessment.

Residence Hall Wired Networks:

Starting Sunday, August 1, 2014, students that utilize a wired connection in the residence hall will not be able to register their computer if it is running Windows XP.

Phase 2

Loyola Owned Computers – Lakeside Campuses:

Although most Loyola owned computers managed by ITS at LSC and WTC have been upgraded to Windows 7 there may still be computers that may be running Windows XP. If you have not yet received an assessment of your Windows XP university owned computer, please contact the ITS help desk. Some computers, especially laptops, cannot be upgraded due to hardware limitations and may need to be replaced. Effective November 1, 2014, all Loyola owned Windows XP machines will be taken off the network. 

Phase 3

Loyola Owned Computers - Health Sciences Campus:

Much of the computer inventory at HSD has been replaced with computers running Windows 7. Desktop Services will perform a comprehensive review of remaining computers at the Health Sciences Campus at a later date. 

Grant Funded Computers - Health Sciences Campus:

ITS is working with HSD management to determine the impact and possible replacement plans. Timing is unknown at this time.  Replacement/upgrade funding for grant funded computers will be determined by the terms of the grant.

If you have any questions, please contact the ITS help desk at 773.508.4487 or helpdesk@luc.edu.