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The CENTER for TUTORING and ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE provides academic support for general education 100 and 200 level classes at Loyola University Chicago.   Students who are in need of academic support in higher level classes may contact Jacqueline Walker at jwalker12@luc.edu or their respective departments of interest. 

The CTAE works to accommodate all tutoring requests.   TUTORING STARTS SEPTEMBER 5th, 2017

Small Group Tutoring
Small Group Tutoring matches you with students from your course and a peer tutor for a regular weekly meeting to enhance your understanding of course material. This is achieved through a collaborative approach. 

To sign up for tutoring, go to TutorTrac

*Tutortrac is not compatible with Google Chrome.

 Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction integrates tutoring directly with lecture material. SI leaders regularly attend SI courses and then hold weekly drop in SI sessions outside of class where they can help facilitate understanding and collaborative learning among classmates as the semester develops. Currently SI is offered for most freshman and sophomore level biology, math, chemistry and physics lecture courses.

Academic Coaching
Academic coaching will help you evaluate your time management skills, effectively plan your schedule and assist you in managing stress throughout the course of your semester. A vital tool in any student’s education, our academic coaching skills can be accessed through one-on-one meetings or in any one of our FREE workshop series. 

Academic Skills Workshop Series
The CTAE offers an ongoing series of workshops focusing on collegiate academic skills vital to every student, ranging in topics from "Public speaking" to "Final Exam Prep".