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Tutoring Center Peer Leaders are selected for their demonstrated academic abilities in the classroom, interpersonal and communication skills, and drive to assist their peers in being successful. Peer leaders have achieved grades "A-" or higher in their course they serve. Upon being selected for the position, peer leaders undergo a rigorous training process on how to best facilitate a positive and productive learning environment for students, best practices for serving as a peer mentor, and how to collaborate with faculty and staff to support student success.

The application for spring 2019 Tutoring Center Peer Leaders positions will post towards the end of Septmeber. We hope you consider submitting your application then for one or more of our positions. Read below for more information on positions.

Tutoring Center Peer Leader Positions 

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader: Supplemental Instruction targets historically difficult courses and places an SI leader, an upperclass student leader who previously earned an A- or above and went through a rigorous application and training program, in the class. The SI leader attends all class sessions and holds scheduled weekly SI sessions (typically 3 times per week for an hour each) to assist students with understanding what to learn and how to learn it based off of the professor’s lectures. A typical SI session might have an SI Leader facilitating peer-to-peer collaborative learning activities to deepen understanding and application of course concepts, as well as giving students an opportunity to ask the SI leader and their peers questions about the material all while strengthening study strategies.

Group Peer Tutoring and One-on-One Peer Tutoring: The difference between Supplemental Instruction and peer tutoring is that the student brings their questions to the peer tutor and the tutors do not attend class with the students. At this time, tutoring at Loyola is not a guaranteed position as group tutoring and one-on-one tutoring are at the request of students. Often times tutoring is for special populations, such as Student Accessibility Center students (formerly known as Services for Students with Disabilities), ACE, or Athletes.

Language Tutoring: In collaboration with the Language Learning Resource Center (LLRC), there are opportunities for students to apply for a Language Tutoring position. Tutoring sessions are held at the LLRC for various languages including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, and Spanish. It is expected that the tutor’s language courses (at least one) have been taken at Loyola and are at the 250 or above level plus a 300 level course. Language Tutors must have a recommendation from a full-time professor or a section head in the language they wish to tutor.  

Position Qualifications:

  • 3.2 Minimum Cumulative GPA
  • At least an A- earned in course(s) wishing to serve as a Tutoring Center peer leader
  • Attend a mandatory in-person training at the beginning of each semester (if a student is living on campus arrangements will be made to move in early)
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Position Benefits:

  • Competitive pay benefits ($12 per hour) 
  • Helping your peers achieve their student success goals
  • Getting to know a faculty member
  • Gain leadership experience and competency development through continuous trainings
  • Meet fellow peer leaders who are passionate about helping other Ramblers and your area of study
  • Stay current on your own knowledge of the subject area
  • On-campus flexibility (location, schedule is according to your availability)

Interview Timeline

  • TBD