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"The path to knowledge need not be traveled alone"

‌Research shows that students learn more and remember information longer when they actively engage in their own learning.  One of the best ways to do this is to work in groups.  When you and your peers begin asking each other questions, thinking through solutions together, and hearing answers to questions you hadn’t even thought of, you learn better.  That's why our various tutoring programs are so popular...and so effective.

Group tutoring available during Fall/Spring semesters only for 100 and 200 level UNDERGRADUATE courses, focusing on BIOLOGY, MATH, CHEMISTRY, and PHYSICS.  THE CTAE does not offer tutoring for GRADUATE LEVEL Courses or provide WRITING ASSISTANCE. 

Sign up for small group tutoring using TutorTrac  

Tutoring starts January 24th, 2018.

Students are allowed one hour of tutoring per subject per week. Students seeking more than one hour of appointment based tutoring per week for a given subject can request additional tutoring by emailing CTAE staff. 



Who's In Your Group

  • 1-8 students per group, all taking the same course with the same instructor
  • Group meets once a week (same day/time) for the entire semester
  • Sessions led by a trained peer tutor

Getting the Most Out of Tutoring

  • Request tutoring early in the semester
  • In order to expedite group formation, a group may start out as a One-on-One tutoring session, with group members being added throughout the semester as requests are made
  • Come to every tutoring session on time
  • Attend class, take notes, and do your homework outside of your tutoring time--small group tutoring is a supplemental academic support, not a substitute for doing your own work
  • Bring your book, notes, graded work and tools to the tutoring sessions
  • Bring your questions!