Loyola University Chicago

Target New Transitions

TNT Curriculum

Target New Transitions provides rich resources to support high school freshmen both academically and emotionally. Academic Coaches answer the weekly homework needs in Algebra, Biology, Environmental & Earth Science, World Studies and Language Arts. These materials are used as supplements, helping students get extra practice or, often, to take a step back and practice foundational skills. Because Algebra is the gatekeeper subject and the one in which students need the most support, TNT has developed/accessed hundreds of content specific worksheets and activities to help students close critical learning gaps. All TNT Math work is aligned chronologically to a standard ninth grade Algebra text and supported by standards established by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and Common Core Math Standards (CCMS). More than 45% of the 12,620 homework assignments completed by TNT freshmen to date have been in Math.

Every TNT study session also includes a Transition Activity designed to help freshmen process the dramatic move from middle to high school. Specifically, emphasis is placed and modeled on helping at-risk freshmen improve academic confidence; understand the importance of regular class attendance; focus on task completion; embrace self-motivating techniques and understand the importance of self-advocacy. Targeting many of the non-academic barriers to freshmen achievement helps build academic tenacity in participating TNT students. Weekly, the program offers materials and activities designed to counsel a social/emotional transition into high school. As our name suggests, TNT values these Transitions Activities and the ways in which they strengthen the student-Coach discussions and each freshman’s ability to reflect and think of him or herself as a unique individual.