Loyola University Chicago

Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Careers Speaker Series: Spring 2018

ENVS 200: Environmental Careers Speaker Series

Renewable Energy Development

Guest Speaker: Ryan Van PortFliet
Senior Business Development Analyst, Invenergy

Legal Solutions in Food Systems

Guest Speaker: Daniel Edelstein, JD
Food Law Legal Fellow, Legal Assistance Foundation

Informational Interviewing and Networking 

Guest Speaker: Brigette Petersen, MEd, LCPC
Career Development Center, Loyola University Chicago

Urban Agriculture and Environmental Internships

Guest Speaker: Chris Peterson, associate dean of academics, IES & Kevin Erickson, IES urban agriculture coordinator

Successful Job Search Strategies 

Guest Speaker: Brigette Petersen, MEd, LCPC
Career Development Center, Loyola University Chicago

Careers in Environmental Business – Repurposing Chemical Byproducts

Guest Speaker: Rob McHugh; Trader, Third Coast Commodities; Gabrielle Habeeb; Merchandising Assistant, Third Coast Commodities


Careers in Environmental Business: Sustainable Digital Marketing 

Guest Speaker: Tim Frick 
CEO, Mightybytes

Careers in Conservation and Sustainable Infrastructure 

Guest Speaker: Aaron Hammond 
Assistant Director of Park Management & Sustainability, Lincoln Park Conservancy

Careers in Environmental Law

Guest Speaker: Paul Durbin
Senior Counsel, Miller Canfield’s Renewable Energy Finance Practice

Careers in Environmental Business--Sustainable Packaging 

Guest Speaker: Camilo A. Ferro 
Founder and Managing Partner, Renew Packaging

Careers in Waste Diversion

Guest Speaker: David Levinson
Director of Market Planning and Development, Recycling, Waste Management 

What’s it like to work for a marketing firm focused on sustainable branding? What do nature conservationists do all day? Join Dr. Jing on Thursday afternoons throughout the semester to learn from professionals on the ground in the fields of environmental business, conservation and restoration, sustainability, renewable energy, and more. This series will also feature resources within the Career Development Center that IES students can utilize to find environmental jobs and enhance their networking skills.

Thursdays, Crown Auditorium from 4:00 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.