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Language Competency

through the College of Arts and Sciences

Beginning-Level Language Competency Exams (to satisfy 102-level language requirement)

The College of Arts and Sciences currently offers the following beginning-level language competency exams (please note that this list is subject to changes/availability):

Chinese (Cantonese)
Chinese (Mandarin)
Greek (Modern)

Scheduling a Competency Exam through the CAS Dean's Office

To schedule an appointment to take a language competency exam in: Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, or Spanish, please call or stop by the CAS Dean’s Office at Sullivan Center 235 (773.508.3500) or Lewis Towers 900 (312.915.6520). For instructions on scheduling an appointment to take a language competency exam in any other language (listed in the table above), please send an e-mail request (specifying the language test requested) to the CAS Dean's Office at CASLanguageTesting@luc.edu. Be sure to include your name, Loyola ID number, the language test you're requesting, and your CAS majors/minors.

Note: Competency test results may take up to six weeks to return. In order for students to plan their course work accordingly, students who wish to take a language competency exam (that is offered at Loyola) are strongly encouraged to schedule the exam as soon as possible upon entry to the College of Arts and Sciences and no later than the end of their junior year.

Requesting a Competency Exam in a Language Not Offered at Loyola

Students who believe that they are competent in reading, writing, and speaking a language that is not offered at Loyola (and is not listed in the table above) may make a request to the CAS Dean’s Office for a competency exam in that language. Requests should be filed during a student’s first semester in the College of Arts and Sciences. The student must complete the Request for Competency Exam in a Language Not Offered at Loyola and, if a language competency exam is made available, pass the exam administered in that language in order to meet the 102-level language requirement. For the purpose of competency testing in languages not offered at Loyola, the CAS Dean’s Office will recognize only those languages which can be tested for competency in reading, writing, and speaking.

Students must submit a completed request to the CAS Dean’s Office during their first semester in CAS. Once a request is submitted, the CAS Dean’s Office will make a reasonable effort to locate an academically qualified tester at Loyola or at another college or university.

If a qualified tester is located, the student will be notified and directed to make an appointment for the language competency examination which, in most cases, will be conducted in the CAS Dean’s Office and/or the Language Learning Resource Center. After the competency exam has been administered, the exam will be submitted to the language tester for review, and the language tester will submit a report to the CAS Dean’s Office.

If no qualified tester can be found within one academic semester, the student’s request will be denied, and the student will be required to satisfy the CAS language requirement via language course work at the 102-level or higher.

Note: For students who were enrolled at Loyola prior to Fall 2005 and who have been continuously enrolled since Fall 2005, the language requirement may be satisfied by having completed two years of high-school language instruction in the same language, with a minimum "C-" average. (Students who enrolled at Loyola prior to Fall 2005 and have since left and have been re-admitted to Loyola must meet the current language requirement via college course credit or competency exam.)