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Zhenwei Zhu

Title/s: Lab Manager - Loyola Environmental Testing Laboratory (LETL), Analytical Chemist

Specialty Area: Soil and water testing, analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry

Office #: BVM 317

Phone: 773-508-2056

E-mail: zzhu6@luc.edu


  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
    Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering
    Dissertation:  “Characterization and modeling of toxic fly ash constituents in the environment”.
  • Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby Denmark
    M.S. in Environmental Engineering
    Thesis: “Innovative and sustainable ways to treat digested manure in a biogas plant”.
  • Liaoning University, Shenyang Liaoning, China
    B.S. in Analytical Chemistry

Selected Publications

  • Zhu, Z., M. K. Hsueh,Q. He. (2011). "Enhancing biomethanation of municipal waste sludge with grease trap waste as a co-substrate." Renewable Energy 36(6): 1802-1807.
  • Zhenwei Zhu, Xiqing Wang, Sheng Dai, Baoshan Huang and Qiang He. (2013) “Fractional Characteristics of Coal Fly Ash for Beneficial Use.” Journal of Materials In Civil Engineering/Journal: 63-69.
  • Chen, S., Z. Zhu, J. Park, Z. Zhang, Q. He.(2014) “Development of Methanoculleus – Specific Real-Time Quantitative PCR Assay for Assessing Methanogen Communities in Anaerobic Digestion”. Journal of Applied Microbiology Jun;116(6):1474-81.
  • S. Chen, E.M.Zamudio Canas, Y. Zhang, Z. Zhu and Q. He. (2012) “Impact of  substrate overloading on archaeal populations in anaerobic digestion of animal waste”. Journal of Applied Microbiology 113: 1371-1379.
  • Zhang, Y., E. M. Zamudio, Z. Zhu, et al. (2011). "Robustness of archaeal populations in anaerobic co-digestion of dairy and poultry wastes." Bioresource Technology 102(2): 779-785.
  • Stone, J. J., S. A. Clay, Z. Zhu, et al. (2009). "Effect of antimicrobial compounds tylosin and chlortetracycline during batch anaerobic swine manure digestion." Water Research 43(18): 4740-4750.
  • Zhu, Zhenwei. (2011). “Characterization and modeling of toxic fly ash constituents in the environment.” Doctoral Dissertation, University of Tennessee.