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Each semester, IES partners with faculty, staff, and environmentally-minded individuals to bring community members and students together over a wide range of environmental topics. Seminar Speakers will share their research and knowledge on a variety of current environmental issues in today’s world.

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 APR 6, 2018

3:45 P.M.

IES 111

Dr. Bryan W. Brooks is Distinguished Professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Institute of Biomedical Studies, and Director of Environmental Health Science at Baylor University. He received a B.S. and M.S. in biological sciences from the University of Mississippi and a PhD in environmental science from the University of North Texas. His research often focuses on urban water environments, with topics ranging from water quality and reuse; environmental, aquatic and comparative toxicology and pharmacology; sustainable molecular design, developing approaches to define risks of contaminants of historical and emerging concern; and the ecology and toxicology of harmful algae blooms.

Urbanization, Environment and Pharmaceuticals: Advancing Comparative Physiology, Pharmacology and Toxicology

Brooks Seminar Series Flyer

APR 13, 2018

3:45 P.M.

IES 124

Dr. Tracy Boyer is the newly appointed Director of the Center for Water Policy and Lynde B. Uihlein endowed chair in the School of Freshwater Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She provides leadership to the center in research and promotion of science-based, sustainable water policies in the Great Lakes and southeast Wisconsin.  An environmental economist, Dr. Boyer was formerly an Associate Professor in Agricultural Economics at Oklahoma State University for 15 years. She holds a doctorate in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota focused on Environmental and Resource Economics and a Master in Public Policy from the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. She conducts research in the areas of environmental and resource economics, focusing on valuing water and water-based amenities, soil and water conservation, adaptation to climate change, and estimating market demand for food and agricultural products. She has extensive experience working with state, local, and federal natural resource agencies in water policy and teaching environmental and natural resource economics.

What are the Great Lakes Worth? Assessing the Evidence on their Non-market Value for Recreational and Ecosystem Uses

Boyer Seminar Series Flyer

FEB 2, 2018

3:45 P.M.

IES 124

Dr. Ping Jing is an assistant professor in the Institute of Environmental Sustainability at Loyola University Chicago. Her research interests include the effect of climate change on weather and air pollution.

She joined Loyola in August 2009 as a full-time lecturer. Her doctoral research at the Georgia Institute of Technology between 1999 and 2004 investigated the exchange of ozone between the stratosphere and the troposphere. During her postdoctoral fellowship at Georgia Tech between 2004 and 2006, she studied ozone variations in the upper troposphere over the United States.


Climate Change Penalty on Ozone Pollution in the Midwestern U.S.



Dr. Victoria Prescott received a PhD in Biology from the University of Louisville in 2016 where her research focused on the use of different geospatial and data-mining techniques to analyze patterns of arthropod diversity.  At IES, she has been developing species distribution models to assess how climate change will alter the potential for exotic species to invade the Great Lakes Region. Dr. Prescott’s work demonstrates how patterns of biogeography will change under altered climates and how we can predict those changes so that management and policy can have the best possible information.

Incorporating Climate Change Scenarios into Species Distribution Models to Predict Future Invaders to the Great Lakes

MAR  23, 2018

3:45 P.M.

IES 111

Ann Whelan works with the Chicago Parks District’s Natural Areas Program. She is a Natural Area Steward at the Loyola Dunes. Forrest Cortes also works with the Chicago Parks District’s Natural Areas Program. He is a Volunteer Coordinator.

Restoration at Loyola Dunes