Loyola University Chicago

Study Abroad

Transcripts and Evaluations

This information is meant for students who completed programs other than Rome, Vietnam, and short term faculty led programs.

After you complete your program, you will receive an email with the study abroad post-program evaluation. This evaluation MUST be completed before your grades can be sent to Registration and Records to be posted to LOCUS. The evaluation is normally sent out in June for spring and full year programs, August for summer programs and December for fall programs. The Office for International Programs will send you email reminders until you complete the form. The evaluation is extremely important as it provides essential feedback in order to monitor the programs in Loyola’s current portfolio. 

Most programs will send your transcript automatically to the Office for International Programs. Students completing a petition program may need to request a transcript. Transcripts can take anywhere between one to three months to arrive in OIP after your program ends. If your post-program evaluation is complete, your grades will be sent to Registration and Records the Friday after they are received in our office. It is ultimately the student's responsibility to follow-up with their study abroad program to ensure that the transcripts will be sent to OIP.

After your grades are posted, your transcript will reflect both your credits and grades earned while abroad. However, these courses will continue to be listed as “INDS 300X” with the foreign course title listed in the “course topic” field of your transcript and academic record. Students who completed course approvals before studying abroad should meet with their academic advisor to have the courses matched correctly to their academic requirements report and graduation audit. Both student and the advisor will receive an email after the grades have been posted.