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Programs and Locations

Programs and Locations

With over 150 programs in 70+ countries, Loyola offers our students a wide range of program offerings across the globe. Our program list has been broken down into 4 unique program types.

To find out more about each program type and to get an idea of the locations offered, please see below.

Loyola University Chicago invites students to study abroad at one of our Global Centers in Rome and Vietnam. These international campuses offer courses in multiple disciplines taught by Loyola and international faculty members.


Term Options: Full year, Semester (fall/spring), Summer (JFRC only)

Financial Aid: Loyola, Federal, State


In collaboration with ten partner institutions around the world, Loyola University Chicago students have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves and study alongside local and other international students. Students study in English, the local language, or both and have access to the local university’s amenities.


Term Options: Full year, Semester, Summer

Financial Aid: Loyola, Federal, State


Latin America

The Office for International Programs works with carefully-screened study abroad providers to allow Loyola University Chicago students to choose from a variety locations around the globe. Global Partners are either another Jesuit University in the U.S. who has a campus abroad, similar to our Rome Center or an approved third party provider. Providers are non-profit organizations who work with universities across the U.S. to co-sponsor quality study abroad programs for students. Students can apply to the program that best matches their academic and geographic preferences, studying alongside U.S., local, or international students. Academic environments can range from providers’ centers, to direct enrollment in local universities, or both.


Please refer to the Semester/Full Year and Summer locations pages for the most up-to-date of program offerings for all providers.


Terms: Full year, Semester (fall/spring), Summer, J-Term

Financial Aid: Loyola (select Jesuit University programs only), Federal, State


* Jesuit partner program

** Jesuit partner program where Loyola grants and scholarships can be applied

Glboal Faculty-Led Programs are Loyola University Chicago courses that have a component that take place abroad, during which the entire class travels overseas. The Office for International Programs works with Loyola faculty across the university to co-administer faculty-led programs. These programs are associated with a specific class and vary in length from 2–4 weeks. 3–6 credits are typically awarded for these programs. Students study in English or the local language with other Loyola students.


Term Options: J-Term, Spring Break, Summer

Financial Aid: varies


Each and every year, faculty-led programs can vary, please refer to the Summer and J-Term/Spring Break locations pages on our website for the most up-to-date program offerings. Previous locations/courses offered have been:


  • Belize (J-Term)– ENVS 340E
  • Bogota, Colombia (Summer) – PLSC 300
  • Montreal, Canada (Summer) – FREN 300
  • Havana, Cuba (Summer)– PLSC 300
  • London, England (Summer)– COMM 278
  • Oxford, England (Summer) – ENGL 287
  • Helsinki, Finland (Summer) – INFS 399
  • Greece (Summer) – CLST 206
  • Reykjavik, Iceland (Summer)– ENVS 398 & 224
  • Jerusalem, Israel (J-Term)– LITR 280
  • Rome, Italy (Summer) – DANC 398, FNAR 342, PHIL 190 (For SCPS students only)
  • Leon, Nicaragua (Spring Break)– WSGS 201
  • Panama City, Panama (Spring Break) – TLSC 231
  • Peru (Spring Break) – ENVS 345E
  • Barcelona, Spain (Summer) – WSGS 201
  • Córdoba, Spain (Summer) – SPAN 101 & 102, SPAN 250 & 251, SPAN 270/271, SPAN 300