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Saint Louis University Madrid

Application Process

Due to limited capacity of the program, you will need to apply earlier to this competitive program. If you are interested in applying for the program we encourage you to meet with a study abroad advisor beforehand. You are not guaranteed a spot on the program unless you are selected and have completed all portions of the application process outlined below.

Timeline (Fall 2019)

February 1st - Last date to submit Last date to submit the SLU Madrid 2019 ‌filled PDF and essay to program advisor: Jacob Schoofs, Study Abroad Advisor*

February 15th - Selected participants will be notified and prompted to complete online application

March 1st - Complete LUC online application must be submitted

*Please note: The initial application will not be submitted through the online portal. It is a fillable PDF-based application and will be submitted through email. You can find the PDF by following the links above.

Program Website

Academic Calendar Dates

Please refer to the SLU Madrid program website for an up-to-date academic calendar.

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University is an American, Jesuit university ranked among the top 100 research and teaching institutions in the United States. Distributed over two campuses: St. Louis Campus in the United States and Madrid Campus in Spain, the University enrolls more than 11,000 students, over 650 of whom pursue their studies in Madrid.

While originally established in the 1960s as a study abroad program for US college students, the Madrid Campus is now a free-standing campus of Saint Louis University where students from more than 65 countries study undergraduate and graduate courses to obtain either US 4-year undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees or, in the case of study abroad students, credits towards their degrees on their home campuses.

Curriculum Type

Saint Louis University-Madrid Campus has developed its academic curriculum to offer undergraduates a study abroad experience for either one semester or one year. Students can choose from a wide range of courses and programs to create their own program of study, while fulfilling Loyola’s requirements in Madrid.

A few of the course sections available include:

  • Spanish and Spanish Immersion
  • Spanish Literature, Culture, & Civilization
  • The European Experience
  • Fine and Performing Arts
  • Nursing & Public Health
  • Physical Therapy
  • Science, Computer Science, and Engineering
  • International Business and Economics
  • Literature, Language, and Linguistics

For more information, visit the SLU Madrid Study Abroad page.


SLU Madrid provides various housing options for students. There are three options:

    1. Host Family Housing
      Saint Louis University strongly encourages those seeking housing to consider living with a host family. Students living with a host family have the opportunity to be immersed in Spanish language and culture on a daily basis. This is often one of the most rewarding experiences students have outside of the University in Madrid.
    2. Non-University Housing
      There are two options for private dorms for university students, however they do not belong to SLU Madrid, nor to any university in particular. All of them provide a Spanish immersion experience, as most of the residents are native Spaniards studying at universities in Madrid.
    3. Finding One's Own Apartment
      Finding your own apartment in Madrid can be a somewhat difficult undertaking, as most apartments are rented by the individual owner, who is sometimes assisted by an agent or friend.

      For those who wish to find an apartment independently, we have found that students have had good experiences with Madrid Easy (www.madrideasy.com), Aluni.net (www.aluni.net) Friendly Rentals (www.friendlyrentals.com). These agencies are interested in working with students on short-term (i.e. less than one calendar year) leases. Students have found them helpful and trustworthy in the rental process.

For more information on accommodations, visit the SLU Madrid Housing site and the Housing cost page.

Activities and Trips

SLU-Madrid provides numerous sports, clubs, and other activities for its students. For more information, please visit their campus life page.

SLU-Madrid organizes cultural day trips at the beginning of each session exploring the history and culture of Spain: Destinations include Segovia, Toledo, the Monasterio de Piedra, and Salamanca. Additional day trips, like other ski day trips or hiking trips will be organized throughout the term.


For the most up-to-date information on tuition, please visit SLU-Madrid's website. LUC students are classified as Non-SLU visiting students. LUC aid does transfer to this program.

For currency conversion, please visit http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/.