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Study Abroad

Why Study Abroad?


The Benefits

See the world outside of your own experiences and develop a new worldview

Studying and living in a different culture will help you see the world from a different perspective. Many students return with a different worldview and a new perspective on their own country. Students may return as cultural ambassadors able to dispel stereotypes and educate others in their communities. They can begin to encourage a positive understanding of global diversity while abroad and continue upon their return. Click here for student quotes.

Explore your heritage

Many minorities report benefits from studying abroad in countries where their families have roots. This experience has allowed students to learn about their ethnicity and culture as well as explore their own identity. Click here for student quotes.

Improve your professional and financial potential

Both graduate programs and employers look favorably on individuals with international experience. Study abroad creates globally-minded students and employees. Participants often develop international, cross-cultural, critical thinking, and multi-lingual skills that are in high demand. In addition to these skills, students can have an internship abroad for international work experience. Click here for student quotes.

Experience personal growth

Following study abroad, students report increased self-confidence, self-reliance, and persistence. Being outside of their normal environments and learning to navigate unfamiliar circumstances allows students to gain a clearer perception of themselves and their abilities. Click here for student quotes.

Recent student quotes

New Worldview

“Studying abroad allowed me to gain a new perspective and look at things in a way I never had before… I had no idea that the next four months were going to be the best four months of my life, but they definitely were.”
—Basma Mahmood, Beijing Center Fall 2010
“The biggest gain was a different perspective…going there, getting a new perspective of home, of the rest of the world and of this different culture and the different ways that people do the same things, I think that was definitely the biggest and the most important thing that I gained.”
—Veronica Policht, Vietnam Center Fall 2011
"From a small town perspective, I would say study abroad has certainly opened up my eyes to so many things that I would have never thought about before."
—Yun Tai, Rome Center Fall 2011


“Going to the slave castles was (my most memorable experience). It was intense. It was inspiring. This is where I came from this power, this strength of people who can endure this…and seeing that was just so beautiful and I was able to be even more proud of who I am. Everyone needs to experience this, everyone needs to know where we came from.”
—Nia Lewis, Ghana Summer 2011
“Being in Spain made me more proud of my religion, just seeing the history that we have there because in America we really don’t have much Muslim history.”
—Tahera Rahman, Alicante, Spain Spring 2012

Professional Potential

“Making yourself more applicable or competitive in a global market no matter what field you go into. It always seems to be the one thing people are so shocked to see."
—Devon Langston, Spain Fall 2011
"I even know now applying for jobs people see that I’ve traveled, being global person, being an international person, and being able to see things with a global perspective its gives you a foot up."
—Nia Lewis, Ghana Summer 2011

Personal Growth

“I grew immensely. Personally, academically, and professionally for sure!"
—Yoni Siden, India Spring 2011
“I learned to set high goals and never feel as though I am not good enough.”
—Luis Quijano, Spain Spring 2010
“I feel that I gained the ability to be comfortable outside of what is considered to be normal."
—Devon Langston, Spain Fall 2011