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Study Abroad

Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) Summer Programs

Located in Chicago, IES is one of the oldest study abroad organizations in America and has over 175 colleges and universities participating in its consortium. IES offers programs of study and internships in a variety of disciplines. Loyola allows students to attend IES programs for LUC credit.

To enroll in an IES program, you must complete the Loyola Study Abroad Application and the IES Study Abroad Application.

Program deadlines may vary, so check Loyola’s Study Abroad Deadlines Page for more information.

Semester tuition ranges from $9,500 to $18,500. Summer tuition ranges from $4,150-$7240. Each program may vary in terms of fees and what is/is not included in them. For more information on individual program costs, visit the IES website (https://www.iesabroad.org/IES/Programs/programs.html).

Special Note: Students participating in IES programs are required to purchase CISI through Loyola but will not have to purchase it through IES. 

$1000.00 per semester

$500.00 per summer

Students may apply for federal and state loans through Loyola. The amount of financial aid students receive depends on the program cost.

Loyola students are not eligible to apply for IES scholarships; however, Loyola does encourage students considering IES programs to apply for national scholarships.

List of Programs*



  • Sydney
    • Internships
    • Study Australia 


  • Vienna
    • Music Programs
    • Psychology Program


Costa Rica


  • Quito
    • Summer: Environmental Studies




  • Berlin
    • Language & Area Studies Program
    • Metropolitan Studies and Architecture
  • European Union
    • Summer Program


  • Dublin
    • Intensive Acting
    • Irish Studies
    • Internships


  • Nagoya
    • Language & Culture 
  • Tokyo
    • Language Intensive Program


  • Rabat
    • Francophone Studies


The Netherlands

  • Amsterdam
    • Society, Culture, and Gender in Amsterdam

South Africa

  • Cape Town
    • Health Studies and Community Development



*Note: The IES Programs in Milan, Rome, and Siena, Italy; Beijing, Kunming, and Shanghai, China; and Santiago, Chile are not available to LUC students.